As engineering teams continually instrument the new services they build and ship, developers who use New Relic for the first time could unintentionally sign up and create a new, separate New Relic organization in addition to joining their company’s existing one. 

These distributed accounts create several challenges for IT Ops or DevOps teams:

  • Challenges bringing user governance in accordance with your compliance, security, and data policies
  • Reduced ability to troubleshoot issues or set system-wide SLOs with data in disparate accounts
  • Lack of centralized identity and access management for tooling access

With our new domain capture feature, you can now register your company’s domains with New Relic so that future new users signing up with a matching email domain have the opportunity to join your existing New Relic organization. This alleviates stress from manual oversight. It also gives your new team members seamless access to your company’s telemetry data so they can collaborate with existing New Relic users on the team.

How to set up domain capture

Before you begin: Your account must have access to the organization settings. Domain capture is only available for customers with the Pro or Enterprise edition of New Relic.

1. Access the Administration page by selecting the account icon and then Administration. Then select Domain management

Domain management UI within New Relic

2. Select Add Domain and type in the domain you want to associate with your company.

UI to add a domain for domain capture in New Relic

3. As part of a domain name system (DNS) verification process, New Relic provides a text (TXT) record that you must add to your DNS records for your domain. To request a new one, select the DNS verification option for that domain on the domain management page.

Select the DNS verification option for a domain on the domain management page

Then select Generate new record.

Login to your domain registrar step of the DNS verification in New Relic

Depending on your organization, your IT department might be responsible for managing your company’s DNS. If so, reach out to them for assistance.

Keep your TXT record available for periodic reverification.

After completing these steps, the status of your domain is listed as Pending and will change to Verified when it has been verified. 

4. Next, configure your auto provisioning preferences for your domain. To enable domain capture, set New user access to New users can join this organization.

Also determine where the new users are created and what user group and type they are. The user group determines each user’s access limitations within the organization. 

Domain capture preferences UI within New Relic

After new users are checked through our usual email verification process, they will be presented with a new sign-up flow that presents the option of joining your company’s existing New Relic organization.

New user login process after domain capture has been set up