Mobile applications are under constant scrutiny to deliver flawless user experiences. Every crash or glitch can erode user trust, cause churn, and diminish brand value. Limited visibility into user interactions before a crash can severely restrict your ability to diagnose errors, understand root causes, and identify patterns and trends in recurring issues, ultimately preventing you from proactively optimizing the user experience across mobile applications.

Here at New Relic we understand these stakes and the challenges—and that’s why we’re excited to unveil New Relic Mobile User Journeys, a critical component of our digital experience monitoring (DEM) solutions  designed to enable you to go from reactive troubleshooting into proactive, strategic decision-making. 

With New Relic User Journeys, now you can instantly access a comprehensive view of every user interaction leading up to a crash, allowing you  to see every step of the mobile user journey to find and fix bugs faster and and prevent potential disruptions before they affect the user experience.

Let us explore more how this capability helps you create seamless mobile user experiences for your customers.


The power of comprehensive user journey insights

A visual overview of all sessions leading to a crash

Mobile User Journeys provides developers and DevOps teams with an unprecedented level of insight into how users navigate your applications. By capturing and visualizing the complete user journey, developers can identify bottlenecks, pinpoint areas of friction, and uncover opportunities for optimization. This view empowers you to make data-driven decisions that enhance the overall experience for your users.

Accelerating issue resolution with contextual crash analysis

Drilldown view of an event leading to a crash and additional sessions that followed this path

Identifying and resolving crashes can be a time-consuming and frustrating process without the right tools. Mobile User Journeys streamlines this process by integrating seamlessly with crash analysis, providing teams with the context they need to quickly identify and resolve issues. By visualizing all user journeys leading up to crashes, developers can easily spot common patterns and pinpoint the root causes of recurring problems. Teams can click on any user action within the journey map to gain instant insights into app version, device, OS, and carrier. This granular level of detail allows teams to determine if an issue is specific to certain configurations, enabling them to prioritize and address the most critical problems first.

Tracing individual user journeys for deeper insights

A view of a session event trail drilldown with events expanded.

In addition to identifying broad crash patterns, Mobile User Journeys allows teams to drill down and analyze the event trails of individual users who experienced crashes. By isolating the exact action that triggered an error, teams can rapidly resolve issues and prevent future occurrences. This level of precision is invaluable for ensuring a consistently smooth user experience across all devices and configurations.

The business impact of proactive mobile app optimization

The benefits of Mobile User Journeys extend far beyond technical troubleshooting. This feature can surface confusing or difficult to navigate user interactions, allowing for interface improvements that enhance usability. Additionally, by observing the patterns leading to crashes or errors, teams can prioritize fixes based on the frequency and severity of issues across different device configurations. This proactive approach not only improves app stability and performance but also enhances overall user satisfaction, which can lead to higher retention rates and increased revenue.

By reducing the time and resources required to identify and resolve issues, Mobile User Journeys can help businesses save money and allocate their resources more effectively. This increased efficiency translates into faster time to market for new features and updates, giving businesses a competitive edge.


Extending the scope of digital experience monitoring

Mobile User Journeys represents a significant advancement in our mission to offer holistic observability solutions. It extends the scope of our existing DEM capabilities, which include browser, mobile, and synthetic monitoring, and combines the power of full-stack and development cycle insights from New Relic APM 360.


By launching Mobile User Journeys as part of our purpose-built observability platform, developers and DevOps teams now gain a unified view of their entire application stack, from the frontend user experience to the backend infrastructure to proactively identify and resolve issues before they impact users, ensuring a consistently high-quality experience across all touchpoints to ensure  increased user retention, engagement, and revenue.