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Level Up: New Relic Infrastructure - Get Answers to FAQ

19 May @ 10 am GMT / 11 am CET

New Relic provides flexible, dynamic observability of your entire infrastructure, from services running in the cloud or on dedicated hosts to containers running in orchestrated environments. You can connect the health and performance of all your hosts to application context, logs, and configuration changes.

With infrastructure monitoring, modern operations teams get complete observability of complex and hybrid systems, from a datacenter to thousands of Amazon, Google Cloud, or Azure instances.

In this session, Kayleigh McGinley and Zahra Siddiqa will draw on their experiences as Infrastructure support engineers and subject matter experts to put you on the fast track to Infrastructure monitoring success by walking through the most common areas of difficulty.

Register for this webinar and learn about: 

  • Integrations

  • Recent releases

    • AWS Metric Streaming

    • Guided Install

    • Data Exploration

  • Guided Install Demo

  • Common Errors/Troubleshooting

  • Flex integration.