Learn how to build an application using data available in New Relic. Watch this exclusive 60 minute session to get an introduction to the fundamentals of New Relic One programmability and walk through the key concepts of developing New Relic applications. Training is delivered by a New Relic facilitator, who will guide you through the creation of an app from scratch.  

Technical exercises include exposure to the following technical topics:

  • Installing the New Relic command-line interface (CLI) on local workstation
  • Setting New Relic API developer access credentials
  • Executing New Relic CLI commands
  • Making GraphQL and web service requests.

During the webinar you will learn:

  • Installation of New Relic CLI and environment setup

  • Familiarisation with New Relic One application component model and lifecycle

  • Advanced UI construction and data processing

  • Individual self paced experimentation and Open Source example deployment.

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