Migrating to the cloud is no easy endeavour. It requires detailed planning, a clear migration strategy, and most importantly, the confidence that it will not negatively impact the user experience. In this fireside chat, Oleksii Svarychevskyi, Head of Technology at myToys Group, talks to Robert Limbrey, Technical Sales Director at New Relic, about the steps they followed to ensure a smooth move to the cloud, and the importance of observability before, during, and after the migration. 

Watch now to hear how observability helped myToys to:

  • Ensure positive customer experiences during the migration.

  • Accelerate the migration program, mitigating risk and validating the outcomes.

  • Get instant visibility into their modern cloud architecture in preparation for their peak period.

Event speakers

Oleksii Svarychevsky headshot

Oleksii Svarychevsky

Head of Technology, myToys Group

Oleksii is a technology leader with over 14 years of experience in developing highly performant engineering teams that build and maintain big scale applications. His professional experience spans various companies across different industries, where he's successfully defined technical roadmaps and implemented ambitious technology strategies. At the time he joined the company as Head of Technology, myToys had only started planning their migration to AWS. Since 2019, he's played a key role in delivering a scalable cloud platform and embedding observability as one of the major elements in their culture.

Robert Limbrey headshot

Robert Limbrey

Technical Sales Director, New Relic

Robert has more than 20 years' experience in enterprise IT software, addressing solutions in performance engineering, DevOps and digital transformation. He now specialises in helping partners and customers to get the most out of observability to assist with their cloud adoption journey.  

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