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Observability Forecast: Data-Driven Engineering With Greg Perotto

Learn about the best emerging software capabilities to help you deliver world-class digital experiences. Get insights on the future of observability from developers, engineers, and IT leaders. Then walk away with best practices to plan, build, deploy, and run great software.

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Unlocking Scalability with Cells: New Relic’s Journey to AWS With Andrew Hartnett

In less than a year, New Relic migrated 20,000+ services to AWS. Learn how we leveraged a cell-based architecture to ensure long-term scalability, with key lessons learned and implications for observability. Also, get an inside look at which AWS services New Relic uses.

Kubernetes Observability Use Cases With Zain Asgar, Natalie Serrino, and Omid Azizi

Get past the “what’ and uncover the “why” in your Kubernetes-based environment. This session shows how New Relic Kubernetes cluster explorer and Pixie, our exclusive visibility technology, give you code-level insights to debug faster with use cases for ECS, EKS, and Fargate.

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