The easy way to track real-user patterns and changes in page performance.

Benchmark icon
Easily benchmark web vitals.

Check performance metrics against industry standards to spot underperforming pages in a snap.

See every user experience icon
See every user experience, everywhere.

Track page performance across all regions with filterable maps of global usage.

Track error rates icon
Track how error rates affect new deploys.

See immediately if error rates spike after a change to quickly roll back the deployment.

Browser icon
Know how browsers or devices affect UX.

Pinpoint how users with different systems perceive your site, and quickly  identify negative experiences.

Spot and solve frontend issues before they affect your business.

  • Uncover pages with underperforming core web vitals that might impact your site’s SEO—and improve them.
  • Use distributed tracing to connect browser incidents to backend code—and fix them fast. 
  • Make every deployment successful by enhancing real-time browser data with synthetic tests.
New Relic error rate dashboard displaying data and visuals
New Relic dashboard displaying map view data

Enhance performance metrics based on user perception.

  • Precisely measure user engagement by filtering by geography and type of device. 
  • See exactly how faster page speeds reduce bounce rate to boost customer satisfaction.  
  • Set targeted alerts for key performance indicators so you can react in real time.

Track changes in error rates to keep new deploys on track.

  • Use deployment markers to easily benchmark web page performance.  
  • Visualize changes in vital web performance with line graphs in the deployment dashboard
  • Keep an eye on sudden drops in application performance to quickly roll back code if needed.
New Relic dashboard displaying data through various line charts
New Relic dashboard displaying incident data

Filter, find, and fix code-level errors in record time.

  • Refine web performance by browser type, page views, and other key factors.
  • Keep errors from recurring with access to granular error data to reproduce issues locally.
  • Quickly troubleshoot backend services that affect users by comparing source maps and stack traces.

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