In the 21st century, humans have so far dealt with global health crises, economic recessions, climate change, war…and the list goes on. At New Relic, we're acutely aware of privilege and that many Relics would not be here without the right access to education, healthcare, and freedom of choice. In the same way that businesses gain value from using New Relic to optimize their web presence on over 2.5 million websites, so do nonprofits. In 2020, we formally launched our Observability For Good (O4G) program, providing nonprofits with expanded free tier access to New Relic (5 seats and 1TB data/month).

One nonprofit organization that has used New Relic is the Sneha Karma Foundation (SKF), whose mission is to enrich the lives of women and girls in an underdeveloped community in northeast India. They accomplish this by selling pure silk wearables made by rural Indian artisans in an online storefront to consumers around the world. The artisans, all women from villages in the Gharbhanga Forest region, are given a fair wage to encourage and establish their financial independence, while leftover profits are reinvested into the local girls’ school that SKF founded in 2018. This initiative both brings quality silk products to a global market and more importantly empowers women in the community with education and livelihoods.

Despite being a nonprofit organization, like any e-commerce retailer, SKF needs a fully functional storefront. Otherwise, customers and donors will go elsewhere, even if they support the cause.

The Sneha Karma Foundation monitors their storefront with New Relic, and this demo shows how nonprofits and businesses alike can use browser monitoring to make sure sites are performant and the end-user experience is optimal. You'll see how you can track your Core Web Vitals in New Relic, discover an underperforming Core Web Vital, and explore the extent of the issue before digging into the error and pinpointing where to resolve the issue in your code.

New Relic focuses on three areas that are crucial to web developers:

  • Reducing downtime: On average, outages cost $5,600/minute and cause toil and stress for your teams.
  • Reducing latency: Slow load times drive users away from your site. On average, your users won’t wait longer than 3 seconds for a page to load.
  • Improving developer productivity: When outages and problems do come up, you want to solve them quickly so you can get back to the fun work—developing new features and writing code.

It's important to keep in mind that sometimes the bottom line does not have to mean profit. Sometimes it can mean improving the lives of those in need.

New Relic has launched a $100,000 Impact Fund to provide unrestricted dollars to eligible nonprofits for use on technology projects. Grant sizes range from $5,000-$25,000 per project, and organizations don't need to be current New Relic Observability for Good customers. We are looking to support nonprofits with digital transformation projects and strategic or innovative technology needs to enhance organizational efficiency and improve efforts for social good.