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Monitoring service uptime with Statuspage and New Relic

Learn how to use a synthetic API script to monitor Statuspage uptime in New Relic and include Statuspage metrics in your logs.

7 min read

Peter Nguyen

Proactively send alerts with Pulumi

By using New Relic with Pulumi, you can quickly create alerts that you share with your teams, ensuring that you are proactively monitoring your stack.

2 min read

Ptah Dunbar

Collecting custom JSON metrics using the New Relic Flex integration

Learn how to collect custom JSON metrics using the New Relic Flex integration. Part four in a series.

4 min read

Leon Adato

Absolutely simple metrics with Flex

Learn how to set up customer metrics with the New Relic flex integration in this multipart blog series.

7 min read

Leon Adato

Absolutely simple Flex

Learn how the New Relic Flex integration can help you set up a custom system to capture your metrics. Part two in a series.

9 min read

Leon Adato

Import all your custom data with just one tool

Learn how you can ingest any custom data to New Relic with the Flex integration. Part one of a series.

3 min read

Michelle Scharlock

New Relic announces support for Amazon VPC Flow Logs via Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose

Send Amazon VPC Flow Logs via Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose to reduce Amazon CloudWatch-related costs, and explore and navigate flow logs across your technology estate.

6 min read

Josh Biggley

How Hex Technologies ships fast and scales an effective engineering team

Learn about Hex Technologies founders and how they debug faster, build, and scale an effective engineering team with New Relic for Startups.

7 min read

Dayna Lord

Monitor SAP® systems from a centralized view

Monitor SAP® and non-SAP systems with a centralized view of infrastructure, application, and business processes.

5 min read

Samir Ahuja

FutureStack 2022: Recapping our latest announcements

Learn about the product announcements unveiled at FutureStack 2022, our ultimate customer conference for software engineers and developers.

19 min read

Anna Alfano

New Instant Observability integrations for monitoring API, network, application, and strea…

Learn about the latest partners contributing to making observability a daily habit to monitor API, network, app, and streaming performance.

5 min read

Louis Leung

CodeStream joins New Relic, delivering observability for every developer

CodeStream, a leading developer collaboration platform, is now a part of the New Relic family, to collaborate and debug issues right from your IDE.

3 min read

Bill Staples

Peter Pezaris

How to optimize build times for Gatsby apps

Learn how to use telemetry data to optimize build times for Gatsby websites. This blog shares best practices for measuring and analyzing performance.

7 min read

Daniel Kim

Monitor the security of your AWS environment with GuardDuty, CloudTrail, and New Relic One

Learn how to send notifications from AWS GuardDuty to New Relic in just a few minutes.

5 min read

Daniel Fitzgerald

How to measure Jamstack application performance

This blog post walks through how to measure performance for a Jamstack application. You learn how to set up an application on Netlify, how to measure your application traffic, and

10 min read

Chris Sean

Structured logging in Python

Add structure to your Python logs, making it easier to extract meaningful information from telemetry data.

10 min read

Aaron Bassett

New Relic and Formidable team up to make custom visualizations even easier

Adding custom charts into your New Relic dashboards just got way faster! Work with pre-built custom charts from the Formidable charting library Victory.

4 min read

Aaron Watts

Extract URL values using regex capture to improve your NRQL results

Combine regex capture with NRQL to extract useful information from URL values, such as which accounts are using which endpoints and how those endpoints are performing for specific

5 min read

Ashton Hunger

Add Network Context With Kentik-Supplied Telemetry Data

Expanded network observability partnership helps development and network teams troubleshoot application performance issues correlated with network traffic and improve service.

5 min read

Buddy Brewer

Nerdlog Roundup: Use Prepend Auto-Instrumentation with Ruby 7.0 and Earn Your Developer Ce…

… with Ruby 7.0 and Earn Your Developer Certification nerdlog By Dayna Lord, … One. That's why we’ve also designed a certification for you that allows you to … today! Earn your New Rel

4 min read

Dayna Lord

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