IDOC explorer view for detailed root cause resolution

With SAP applications powering an increasing number of critical business processes, we recognize that ITOps teams need to be able to quickly understand system health at-a-glance and immediately troubleshoot performance issues for SAP solutions within the context of their overall ecosystem. 

With New Relic Monitoring for SAP® solutions, you can now inspect all of your SAP and non-SAP systems through one centralized view of your infrastructure, application, and business processes. It’s also SAP-certified, so it works well with their technology. 

Now you’ll be able to: 

  • See SAP application performance and overall health data in one place. Your telemetry metrics, events, logs, and traces all come together in a central view within our UI.
  • View your data in relation to your business processes. Understand your infrastructure and application data from the viewpoint of your corresponding business processes, such as order-to-cash and procure-to-pay.
  • Spot problems quickly with visualizations. By querying and viewing relevant data in our customizable charts and dashboards, you can identify root causes and resolve problems.
  • Prevent problems before they occur. Use our advanced alerting functionality to be notified about problems before they impact your customers.
  • Install monitoring centrally for end-to-end visibility. This tool can be installed on a central monitoring server, so you won’t need to install agents on all of your SAP production servers.

The need for SAP observability 

As businesses increasingly rely on a complex collection of software services to power their foundational business functions, performance issues can make a severe impact. Any latency in production orders, invoices, and status reports hinder an organization's ability to innovate. These issues can be challenging to track down and involve issues within SAP systems and non-SAP systems.  

With New Relic monitoring for SAP solutions, you get a centralized view of all of your infrastructure, application, and business processes, whether they are SAP or not. This can help your IT teams to gain early awareness and quickly resolve interruptions and system issues.

Here are some common cases where New Relic monitoring for SAP solutions can help you identify and resolve issues:

  • A large customer stops receiving order confirmations because IDocs were sent to a failed partner port. 
  • Accounts payable vendor invoices aren't paid when you need them to be, due to a sudden surge of program errors in failed background jobs, caused by a recent new deployment.
  • Production orders aren’t going out in a timely manner because of inefficient database calls in a program. 
  • Your users in a particular region are experiencing intermittent slowness due to an imbalance of traffic between application servers.

Best-in-class observability for SAP from New Relic 

With New Relic, you can gain visibility into the performance and overall health of your entire SAP systems or individual components with an SAP-friendly integration. Monitor the underlying entities that keep your SAP processes flowing while also gaining visibility into your systems running on cloud platforms like AWS or Microsoft Azure.

Prebuilt visualizations

New Relic provides curated and extensible visualization tools such as dashboards, entities, workloads, and traces, including anomaly detection and alerts. You’ll be able to monitor both SAP and non-SAP systems from a single view. In addition, business and IT team members can access the same views on SAP performance to drive efficient communication and collaboration.

Centralized end-to-end observability

Access all telemetry data such as logs, metrics, events, and traces from your multiple SAP systems in one place, with the ability to easily query historical performance and current trends.

Workloads in context of business processes

New Relic brings business context to your monitoring, based on your business process workload, as shown in the next screenshot. 

SAP IDoc explorer 

With our SAP IDocs explorer, you’ll get a visual representation of IDoc errors. They’re accompanied by relevant information and context to help you resolve those errors, allowing business processes to keep flowing.

Fast root cause identification with SAP traces

Get automatic insights into the possible root cause of issues, including relevant deployment info, error logs, and attributes.

Dynamic baseline alerts 

Using dynamic thresholds, your alerts will automatically adjust to unforeseen flow changes or other shifts in your business.