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Don't go in the red on Black Friday

They came. They tried to purchase. And they left. One millisecond too many and buyers will bounce. Stay open for business during Cyber November and year round by gaining a deeper understanding of the path-to-purchase and overall digital shopping experience of your customers.

Real-time performance monitoring for your e-commerce stack

From consideration to checkout, New Relic One helps you optimize performance, improve site reliability, and boost your bottom line. Spend less time tracking outages and more time making sales thanks to deep visibility across your entire web, mobile, application, and infrastructure environment.

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“New Relic has been a key technology through this evolution. And it’s making a difference: REI is seeing up to 20% performance improvements on its websites and mobile apps, plus a 50% reduction in production incidents.”

Todd Wilson
Director of Platform Engineering, REI

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E-commerce monitoring

Resolve downtime faster

Improve reliability with real-time error analytics that help you ensure your site stays up and running at all times.

With New Relic...

You get deep-dive querying into what’s impacting the customer experience from load time to payment errors. Easily track slowdowns that are keeping shoppers from buying across the technology stack and third-party e-commerce platforms like Magento.

E-commerce monitoring

Align teams in real-time

Reach a new level of operational agility by empowering your teams with relevant real-time data for every aspect of the customer experience, full-stack performance, and business overall. .


With New Relic...

You get a seamless, shared view of your online business. Custom dashboards can help your teams collaborate, communicate, and convert first-time buyers into lifetime fans.

E-commerce monitoring

Perfect the buying journey in peak traffic

Whether it’s the World Cup or a blowout sale day, stay one, failsafe step ahead of shoppers by identifying high-priority errors and fixing them before they cause major outages.

With New Relic...

You get a flexible SaaS platform that's easy to scale during your biggest retail moments of truth without the cost and worry associated with traditional monitoring tools

E-commerce monitoring

Deliver instantly gratifying omnichannel experiences

Whether in your mobile app or online store, trace user experiences in detail and analyze business outcomes within  the context of your overall shopping experience, to ensure your customers are able to get what they want, when and where they want it.

With New Relic...

You can move from simply collecting data to gaining a deeper understanding of customers — so you can optimize the only experience that matters: their own.

Set your sites high with New Relic e-commerce monitoring

From the browser through the backend infrastructure, optimize your digital performance to reduce downtime, increase profits, and keep customers coming back for more.

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