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Proactive monitoring and smoke testing in your production environment


Modern web development and DevOps is all about the shift towards continuous deployment. But balancing increased development and feature releases with stability is challenging. Integrating rapid and proactive testing can help you to make more deployments with confidence. 

In this online workshop, we look at the benefits of setting up smoke testing suites and we get hands-on to create automated tests. Watch this workshop to learn more about areas including:

  • Development vs. stability
  • Smoke testing: what, when and how
  • Use cases and scenarios: availability, navigation, functionality, and performance
  • Test types
  • End-to-end automated solutions (synthetics): ping, simple browser, scripted browser, and API test
  • Labs: create a range of tests for a complete smoke testing suite
  • SLAs and reporting on tests.

No prior knowledge is necessary. Prerequisites for the practical exercises is a (free or paid) New Relic account: