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Level Up: New Relic Browser - Get Answers to FAQ


Here’s a fact: Your users spend 90% of their time waiting for their web browsers to load data from your servers. 

Here’s another: 100% of your end-user experience depends on your entire technology stack. 

From your infrastructure, to your application, to the browsers that ultimately render your application, you need the ability to identify, diagnose, and resolve issues quickly across all of your backend and frontend services.

With New Relic One's browser monitoring solution, you get full visibility into the complete web page life cycle of your application or website. Browser measures page load timing, also known as Real User Monitoring (RUM). But it goes far beyond that.

In this session, Harika Chengelput will draw on her experience as a Browser support engineer and subject matter expert to put you on the fast track to customer experience success by walking through the most common areas of difficulty.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • Agent installation

  • Choosing the right version of the browser agent

  • Understanding cookie collection, distributed tracing, and CORS

  • Verifying installation.