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Drive On The Fast Lane: How Observability Can Propel Your Business

24th February @ 11am CET / 10am GMT

As a leader, you drive and accelerate digital innovation for your company, and you also need to consistently deliver superior availability, performance and end-user experience. 

Today, your teams can innovate faster, increase velocity and scale, thanks to Cloud, DevOps, Microservices and Containers, or Open Source. The gains are very real, but with them come significant new complexity, volatility, and fragmentation. 

Like in Formula One racing, driving fast without failure, getting the best performance out of these complex systems and staying ahead of competition requires a new approach: 
Real-Time Telemetry and Observability.  

Most teams who lead and disrupt markets are embedding Telemetry and Observability in their Development and Operations. 

Join Gregory Ouillon, CTO of New Relic EMEA, to explore how observability enables companies to deliver superior operational and business performance, and also discuss best practices and learn from your peers.