Best Practices for Monitoring E-Commerce Performance

From consideration to checkout, learn how New Relic can help you optimize performance across all your digital channels

E-commerce Best Practices

Instantly gratifying omnichannel experiences across any device at any time have become the expectation rather than the exception. Shoppers want what they want, when and where they want it, and if they don’t get it, they’ll bounce. The New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform is designed to help development and operations teams perfect the online buying journey—on Black Friday weekend as well as all year long.

In this guide, you’ll learn best practices for proactively optimizing e-commerce performance across web and mobile apps as well as for improving their underlying services and infrastructure.

To begin, it’s important to measure the service-level quality of your site performance across three dimensions:

1. Availability: Is it up and running?

2. Functionality: Is it working right?

3. Speed: Is it working fast enough?

This creates a framework to improve the shopping experience through the different layers of your technology stack.