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Automate configurations with observability as code, part three

In the final part of our observability as code series, learn how to automate configuring tags and workloads using New Relic and Terraform.

7 min read

Steve Ng

Automate configurations with observability as code, part two

Automate the configuration of your observability tools. Learn examples for alerts as code and synthetic monitoring as code using New Relic and Terraform.

13 min read

Steve Ng

Monitor OpenAI GPT application usage in New Relic

Monitor requests, tokens, and costs of GPT-3 and GPT-3.5 applications with New Relic to improve the performance of OpenAI ML models.

3 min read

Dan Holloran

New Relic named a leader in innovation in cloud observability by GigaOm

The New Relic platform earned the top rank among all observability solutions for its innovation and highest overall value to customers.

3 min read

Maureen Todaro

Automate configuration with observability as code, part one

Automate the configuration of your observability tools. This guide provides tips, examples, and guidance using New Relic and Hashicorp's Terraform.

13 min read

Steve Ng

Optimize your development lifecycle with code-level metrics in CodeStream

Unify observability for your development workflows and get more visibility into your apps with code-level metrics, right where you work—in the IDE.

6 min read

David Hersh

Uma Annamalai

Using modern observability to establish a data-driven culture

Observability is a foundational capability for a data-driven culture across development, operations, SecOps, SRE, and platform engineering teams, according to global market intelli

3 min read

Stephen Elliot

How to import Google Cloud logs without an agent

Learn how to forward Google Cloud Platform logs to New Relic without deploying any APM or log forwarding agent.

8 min read

Zameer Fouzan

Making the switch to New Relic from Sumo Logic after private equity acquisition

Learn how switching from Sumo Logic to New Relic can help you get unified capabilities, data, and teams with simple, transparent pricing.

4 min read

Nathan Antons

Make observability simple with platform engineering

Learn what platform engineering is, why it's important, and why platform engineers need to implement observability.

6 min read

Sunna Vincent

Troubleshoot your business-critical transactions quickly with New Relic

Key transactions are now entities in New Relic so you can quickly identify and solve issues faster.

8 min read

Aidan Cuffe

Lavanya Chockalingam

New Relic O11y Day rides again

Observability Days are back! Join New Relic on February 23, 2023, for O11y Day in Miami, Florida.

2 min read

Leon Adato

Browser monitoring, refreshed

Learn about the latest updates to our browser monitoring options.

3 min read

Aditi Phadke

Top ten tips for instrumenting Golang with New Relic, part one

Are you building modern apps in Golang? This guide will help you instrument Golang faster by providing tips, guidance, and best practices with New Relic.

6 min read

Steve Ng

The only full-stack change tracking solution, now generally available

CI/CD best practices rely on the tracking of deployment success, failure, and performance. Learn how deployment and change tracking enhances CI/CD.

8 min read

Dan Holloran

Save money and still do more in this downturn with New Relic

Learn how IT and engineering teams are benefitting from switching to all-in-one observability and consumption pricing over Datadog and other competitors’ legacy host-based approa

9 min read

Bill Staples

Developing a security mindset: Tips for software engineers

Ready to develop a security mindset and shift your security practices left? Here are 8 tips to get you started.

1 min read

Jemiah Sius

Top five observability pricing traps

Learn about five common pricing and billing traps for observability and how to avoid them.

7 min read

Alicia Basteri

Security vulnerability: How observability can help

Learn about common security vulnerabilities and how observability can help you address and prevent security issues.

8 min read

Franz Knupfer

New Relic Vulnerability Management now generally available

Improve application security with New Relic Vulnerability Management using composition analysis, vulnerability assessment, and an open ecosystem—no additional configuration neede

5 min read

Yoram Mireles

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