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FutureStack 2022: Recapping our latest announcements

Learn about the product announcements unveiled at FutureStack 2022, our ultimate customer conference for software engineers and developers.

18 min read

Anna Alfano

New Instant Observability integrations for monitoring API, network, application, and strea…

Learn about the latest partners contributing to making observability a daily habit to monitor API, network, app, and streaming performance.

5 min read

Louis Leung

Introducing our add-on for Amazon EKS Blueprints

Learn how to simplify deploying New Relic Kubernetes observability components in your Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) clusters.

1 min read

Brad Schmitt

John Withers

Monitoring service mesh performance with Istio and New Relic

Learn how to use New Relic and Prometheus to monitor the performance of your Istio service mesh, including your Envoy proxies.

8 min read

Daniel Kim

Improve app performance with golden signals in your IDE

New Relic Codestream code-level metrics provide golden signals on your instrumented functions directly in the IDE.

6 min read

David Hersh

Uma Annamalai

Discover and debug errors with CodeStream

Learn how CodeStream can help you debug errors easier. Now available for EU data centers.

4 min read

Rachel Siemens

New Relic launches API monitoring with Postman integration

Learn how to monitor APIs with the Postman integration for New Relic.

5 min read

Louis Leung

Anthony Rogers

Better monitoring for your Netlify sites with log drains for New Relic One

Learn how ingesting your Netlify logs in New Relic helps you monitor your Netlify applications, automatically populating your dashboards.

3 min read

Dion Keeton

A faster and cheaper way to send log insights to New Relic One with the Cloudflare Logpush…

Learn how to get key metrics for web traffic, including saved bandwidth, cyberattack alerts, page loading and more with the Cloudflare integration.

3 min read

Mike Neville-O’Neill

Tanushree Sharma

Try out the sample code for the NestJS integration for New Relic One

Learn about the NestJS integration for New Relic One and try out our sample code.

4 min read

Mat Wilk

New Instant Observability integrations for CI/CD, data analytics, and project management

Learn about the latest partners contributing to making observability a daily habit for engineers in CI/CD, data analytics, and project management.

5 min read

Louis Leung

Jumpstart your Jamstack monitoring

Add observability to your Jamstack application and build process, with the New Relic Netlify plugin and quickstart—no manual setup needed.

4 min read

Aaron Bassett

A recap of major product updates from the second half of 2021

Read about New Relic’s transformative innovations to troubleshoot and optimize any application and embed observability throughout the entire development lifecycle.

12 min read

Dayna Lord

Combine load testing and observability with Speedscale and New Relic One

Learn how to change your approach to scale testing with powerful microservice performance visibility with Speedscale quickstart and visualize traffic replay data.

4 min read

Ken Ahrens

How to monitor your Netlify Dusty Domain deployment

Learn how to simplify your build pipeline performance monitoring and error tracking with this New Relic plugin for Netlify.

10 min read

Aaron Bassett

Partners in Instant Observability: Integrations for machine learning, Kubernetes, CI/CD

Learn about the latest partners contributing integrations to make observability a daily habit for engineers in CI/CD, Kubernetes testing, and MLOps platforms.

5 min read

Louis Leung

Create a MongoDB performance dashboard

Learn how to quickly create a detailed performance dashboard to monitor and understand your MongoDB clusters. With the MongoDB quickstart in New Relic Instant Observability, you ca

6 min read

Aaron Bassett

Monitor your ML models with New Relic and Amazon SageMaker

Use New Relic's integration with Amazon Sagemaker to make it easier to develop, test, and monitor ML models in production.

2 min read

Guy Fighel

A quickstart to long-lasting security with network intelligence and Gigamon

… choices, such as CloudFormation, Terraform, Puppet/Chef, Ansible, and SALT. …

5 min read

Nočnica Fee

Build machine learning models faster with New Relic One and Comet

Build machine learning models with the New Relic-Comet Integration.

3 min read

Guy Fighel

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