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A quickstart to long-lasting security with network intelligence and Gigamon

Learn how Gigamon and New Relic One work together to enhance network intelligence, deepen observability, and provide an additional layer of security.

5 min read

Bassam Khan

Nočnica Fee

Build machine learning models faster with New Relic One and Comet

Build machine learning models with the New Relic-Comet Integration.

3 min read

Guy Fighel

How to visualize cloud security data in Lacework

Learn how to understand the security of any application with the Lacework quickstart, a pre-built dashboard and alert configs, easily installed in one click.

6 min read

Lauren Lee

Integrate Amazon CloudWatch Metric Streams with Terraform

Use Terraform to automate your integration with New Relic and CloudWatch Metric Streams, including multi-region deployments.

5 min read

Joseph Jones-Vermillion

CodeStream joins New Relic, delivering observability for every developer

CodeStream is now part of New Relic One to help developers collaborate on and debug issues right from their IDE.

Extend observability and code discussion to your IDE with New Relic CodeStream

New Relic CodeStream is a developer collaboration platform that brings observability into your IDE through integrations with essential dev tools like GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Sla

4 min read

Rachel Siemens, Principal Product Marketing Manager

Insights in minutes: New Relic Instant Observability

Get instant observability with quickstarts for the technologies that matter most to you, right at your fingertips. Instrument and monitor your apps, databases, and servers in minut

9 min read

Louis Leung

Announcing general availability of New Relic’s native OpenTelemetry support

New Relic announces that native support for OpenTelemetry is now generally available.

4 min read

James Stuckey

Eliminate the network blame game with Network Performance Monitoring and integrate Errors …

In this Nerdlog roundup, learn about two recent releases: New Relic Errors Inbox and Network Performance Monitoring.

4 min read

Dion Keeton

Managed services for Prometheus and Grafana: Scale without the overhead

With Amazon Managed Service for Grafana (AMG), and Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus (AMP), you can use Prometheus and Grafana for infrastructure monitoring and visualization w

2 min read

James Stuckey

John Withers

New Relic and Trend Micro Cloud One: Better Together

Build a complete cloud observability strategy with added visibility into your cloud security and compliance with Trend Micro Cloud One - Conformity. Learn about an integration with

12 min read

Rohit Kaul

Introducing New Relic for Amazon EKS on AWS Fargate

You can now monitor Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS) containers from New Relic One when you use Amazon Web Services (AWS) Fargate as a serverless deployment platform. A sid

3 min read

Mikel Angulo

Under the Hood of New Relic’s Lambda Extension

Learn how New Relic’s Serverless dev team integrated with AWS Lambda Extensions to reduce costs and latency.

7 min read

Matt Whelan

New Relic Snowflake Integration Boosts Observability

New Relic Snowflake integration helps you detect and resolve performance and security issues, optimize costs, and more.

6 min read

Daniel Fitzgerald

Leverage Our AWS Lambda Extensions Integration for Improved Serverless Observability

Learn how New Relic's AWS Lambda Extensions integration makes monitoring your AWS Lambda functions even easier.

3 min read

Nočnica Fee

More Perfect Software [Infographic]

More Perfect Software

1 min read

New Relic

Tracing the Gap: Eliminating Blind Spots with New Relic’s AWS X-Ray Integration

Learn how our AWS X-Ray integration combines with New Relic Distributed Tracing to eliminate blind spots and create a single, seamless experience.

4 min read

Nočnica Fee

Better Together: Improve Everything from Customer Experience to Security with New Relic’…

Learn about the New Relic Technology Partners that help our customers improve their customer experience, security, and DevOps.

12 min read

Tina Shen

How To Use New Relic Flex To Create Your Own Codeless Custom Integrations

Instrument any application that exposes metric data over HTTP or standard output and combine that data with your other critical telemetry in New Relic One

7 min read

Fabrizio Ferri-Benedetti

10 New Cloud Integrations for AWS Monitoring with New Relic Infrastructure

… 10 New Cloud Integrations for AWS Monitoring with … is a Product Manager for the New Relic Cloud integrations team. He works with … our guide to optimizing your cloud native

9 min read

Matthew Demyttenaere

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