Our mission is to empower all engineers to do their best work based on data, not opinions—at every stage of the software lifecycle. To accelerate this mission, we’ve introduced major improvements to our already industry-leading, usage-based pricing:

  • New core user type designed for every developer starting at US$49/month with access to error tracking via errors inbox and the New Relic Codestream integration, advanced log management capabilities, New Relic custom apps, alerts, dashboards, and queries.
  • Full platform user functionality increased with AIOps now included for free with proactive anomaly detection and incident intelligence.
  • Automated user management expanded to all New Relic Pro edition customers for managing users at scale with Okta, OneLogin, Azure Active Directory, or any identity provider (IDP) that supports the System for Cross-Domain Identity Management (SCIM) standard.

New core user type unlocks telemetry data for every developer

Whether prioritizing sprint planning or helping troubleshoot an issue, developers increasingly need in-depth access to telemetry data related to the code they write. Without shared observability tooling and telemetry data between dev and ops teams, engineering orgs often see disjointed communication, confusion over root cause, slower mean time to resolution (MTTR), and decreased shipping velocity as dev teams are focused on issue resolution versus building new features.

To address these issues, we’ve created a new core user type that enables more developers than ever to understand code performance better, collaborate and prioritize work directly from their IDE, and access relevant error details including stack traces, logs, alerts, and more.

New core users enable all developers in an engineering team to:

  • Optimize code performance and feature planning with access to telemetry data from production and pre-production environments directly in their IDE via the New Relic CodeStream integration.
  • Collaborate with DevOps, site reliability engineers (SREs), and ops engineers with a direct path from error tracking in New Relic to the relevant code block directly in their IDE.
  • Detect patterns and outliers in log data to resolve issues and improve code performance. 
  • Build and run custom applications in New Relic to surface performance insights, optimize cloud costs, and more. 
  • Onboard new developers with observability best practices and shared baselines for metrics.

The best part? All of this is available for an affordable and predictable price starting at US$49 per month per core user.

Watch this video for a walkthrough of what core users can do with New Relic and their IDE through a common error-tracking scenario.


Directly from error to IDE: Core users can debug where they build.

Three user types to provide access for your entire engineering org 

In July 2020, we launched the New Relic unified platform for observing your entire technology stack—applications, infrastructure, web, mobile, network, and more. Instead of pricing each capability as a separate SKU like every other option on the market, we took a different approach and introduced the industry's first usage-based pricing model. 

Now, alongside only paying US$0.30 per GB for all your metrics, events, logs, and traces (including 100GB free per month for every account), we’re offering three user types to enable more engineers than ever to access telemetry data and understand the performance of their apps and systems:

  • Basic users are ideal for engineers, product managers, and executives who don’t have a full platform user or core user seat but want to see application or system performance metrics via a shared dashboard or understand what happened with an alert. Our basic users are free and included with every edition.
  • Core users can access telemetry data in their IDE, errors inbox, advanced log management capabilities, New Relic custom apps, and more. Core users are ideal for developers who want visibility into how their code performs across production and pre-production environments or who occasionally collaborate on issues with DevOps and SRE teams.
  • Full platform users (previously known as full users) get access to every capability within New Relic so they can monitor, debug, and improve their entire stack—including application performance monitoring (APM) with distributed tracing, infrastructure monitoring with Pixie, browser monitoring, mobile monitoring, synthetics monitoring, and more. Full platform users are ideal for any engineer focused on maintaining uptime and availability for production environments.

Compare our three enhanced user types for New Relic.

Full platform users get even more value with AIOps included

In 2021, we embedded applied intelligence throughout New Relic, which makes it easier to detect unusual changes instantly, cut down on alert noise, get to the root cause quickly, and respond to incidents faster.

And recently we’ve made applied intelligence free for every full platform user on New Relic. Now engineers can use applied intelligence to detect, diagnose, and mitigate problems more quickly and easily.

Learn more about the AIOps features included for free with New Relic full platform users such as configuring incident intelligence and proactive detection.


Full platform users can find and resolve issues even faster with AIOps now included.

Improved admin features to manage users dynamically

Previously only available to New Relic Enterprise edition customers, all Pro edition customers can now also manage users dynamically at scale via automated user management for Okta, OneLogin, Azure Active Directory, or any IDP that supports the SCIM standard. This reduces the manual administration burden by integrating with your identity and access management provider to import, update, and deactivate New Relic users directly from your IDP.

Note that a full platform user can be moved to a basic user only twice in a 12-month period for New Relic Pro and Enterprise edition customers who have selected the annual pool of funds option.

To get started managing users directly from your IDP, follow the docs instructions to set up automated user management for your account.

All New Relic Pro edition customers can now connect any IDP that supports the SCIM standard to manage their users at scale.

How to get started with New Relic core users

It’s simple to get started.

All new customers can take advantage of our simplified pricing with core users. Just sign up now and the core user option is automatically available.

If you’re an existing customer and want to add core users to your account, visit your plan management UI within New Relic and enable core users with just a couple of clicks. Note that only users with a Billing user role in the Admin group can visit the plan management section of New Relic.

Unlock core users in New Relic with just a couple of clicks in the plan management UI.