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Stop paying for user license fees.

Get unlimited platform access—for all users, with no user fee.

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Only pay for what you use.

Optimize spend according to usage and eliminate the need for static license fees.

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Optimize cost and performance.

Proactively monitor, manage, control, and predict costs with usage and query dashboards.

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Access all capabilities.

Choose the edition that meets your needs to gain complete availability to all platform capabilities.

Observability made easy.
Pick the edition that's right for you.

Start now with 100 GB/month of data ingest included.
  • Ticketed support availability
  • Access to 30+ capabilities
  • 2 business days support response SLA
  • Limited to 5 full platform users
  • SAML single sign-on
  • Max shared compute capacity unit (CCU) pool
For teams with more than five engineers and complex workloads.
  • Unlimited full platform users
  • Commitment options
    With commitment contracts, an estimate of long-term expected usage is created and there's an agreed-upon payment commitment in exchange for discounted rates during the commitment term. If your organization's usage exceeds that commitment, the excess usage is billed at the previously agreed-upon rates. Learn More
  • 2-hour critical initial support response SLA
  • Data Plus option
    Our Data Plus option is a bundle that offers advanced data capabilities for optimized performance, scale, security, and governance. Learn More
For at-scale organizations with advanced security and support needs.
Everything in the Pro edition plus:
  • FedRAMP Moderate and HIPAA eligibility with Data Plus
  • Priority ticket routing
  • 1-hour critical initial support response SLA

Compare plans to suit your scale.

For more in-depth details on our editions and what's included, read our docs.

Option 1: Original data ingest
Pricing is based on the amount of data ingested by New Relic. Data ingest includes compute, query, and storage and refers to the data saved to New Relic by your organization after we apply various data trimming and data transformation rules, not raw transferred data. Learn More
$0.30/GBbeyond free 100 GB limit
$0.30/GBbeyond free 100 GB limit
$0.30/GBbeyond free 100 GB limit
$0.30/GBbeyond free 100 GB limit
Option 2: Data Plus data ingest
Pricing is based on the amount of data ingested by New Relic. Data Plus provides advanced performance, governance, and compliance capabilities, including extended data retention, up to 10x the max duration per query and 3x the max query limit, FedRAMP Moderate and HIPAA eligibility, advanced logs obfuscation controls, enhanced streaming and historical-data exports, New Relic Vulnerability Management, cloud provider choice, and more. Learn More
$0.50/GBbeyond free 100 GB limit
$0.50/GBbeyond free 100 GB limit
$0.50/GBbeyond free 100 GB limit (also includes FedRAMP Moderate
FedRAMP is a program that promotes the adoption of secure cloud services by providing a standardized approach to security and risk assessment for cloud technologies. Eligible accounts can request HIPAA-enabled and FedRAMP-authorized services with Data Plus and Enterprise edition.
and HIPAA eligibility)
Rates are promotional, subject to change, and vary based on the billing program. All amounts are monthly and in USD.
Compute Tiers
See docs
See docs

Understand Compute and how it’s measured.

Compute pricing is based on data ingested by New Relic. It’s measured in compute capacity units (CCUs). CCUs are the compute capacity consumed to complete a successfully run customer-initiated action, and they’re measured by actions, including loading a page, executing a query, evaluating an alert condition, and invoking an API call.

There’s no CCU charge for unsuccessful requests where an error in the query service occurred, any queries run to analyze compute usage, or queries run by New Relic (for example, support requests).

Compute pricing tiers

CCU pricing automatically charges lower rates as usage increases. This table shows compute volume pricing tiers for the Pro edition in the US and EU regions. All dollar amounts are in USD.

For more details, see our docs.

CCU Tiers
Lower + Upper Limits
New Customer Promo Price EU
New Customer Promo Price
Tier 1: 0-100 $3.8100 $1.9050 $4.3815 $2.1908
Tier 2: 101-250 $3.3020 $1.9050 $3.7973 $2.1908
Tier 3: 250-500 $2.8575 $1.9050 $3.2861 $2.1908
Tier 4: 501-1,000 $2.4638 $1.9050 $2.8334 $2.1908
Tier 5: 1,001-2,500 $2.1209 $1.9050 $2.4390 $2.1908
Tier 6: 2,501-5,000 $1.8161 $2.0885
Tier 7: 5,001-10,000 $1.5494 $1.7818
Tier 8: 10,001-25,000 $1.3208 $1.5189
Tier 9: 25,001-50,000 $1.1049 $1.2706
Tier 10: 50,001-100,000 $0.9017 $1.0370
Tier 11: 100,001-250,000 $0.7140 $0.8211
Tier 12: 250,001-500,000 $0.5503 $0.6328
Tier 13: 500,001-1,000,000 $0.4229 $0.4863
Tier 14: 1,000,001-5,000,000 $0.2959 $0.3403
Tier 15: 5,000,001-20,000,000 $0.1905 $0.2191
In this example, your first 100 CCUs will be billed at $3.81/CCU for the US region, the next 150 CCU at $3.302/CCU, and so on. NOTE: You may qualify for lower per-CCU rates based on your commitment level, length of term, and upfront payments.
This chart is an example for illustrative purposes only, and represents 6 months of historical compute usage as it would appear in the usage monitoring UI.

Proactively monitor, manage, and control costs.

  • Your CCU usage each month depends on the amount of data in your accounts, what you’re querying, number of users, and their usage pattern. 
  • See your actual usage for current and previous months with easy-to-read charts. 
  • View CCU usage by user, account, and source of requests. 
  • Configure alerts to see when you're close to using up your shared usage pool each month.

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