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New Observability Specialist Certification Course for Developers

Showcase your in-demand observability skill set by completing a new New Relic One observability specialist certification course.

3 min read

Jemiah Sius

Open Observability for All 

At New Relic, we believe an open source, community-driven approach is the best way to address observability challenges. Today’s announcements solidify our commitment to open obse

4 min read

Bill Staples

What Is eBPF and Why Does It Matter for Observability?

What is eBPF? Here’s everything to know about this new Linux kernel technology that’s revolutionizing observability in distributed environments.

6 min read

Lavanya Chockalingam

New Relic Named a Leader in the 2021 Gartner APM Magic Quadrant

The Gartner Application Performance Monitoring Magic Quadrant recognizes our ability to execute and completeness of vision.

5 min read

Matt Durham

Why Observability Requires High-Cardinality Data

Find out why high-cardinality data is essential for understanding “unknown unknowns” and gaining true observability.

6 min read

John Withers

Why SLOs Are Essential for Observability

Find out how SLOs can show you how often you’re meeting your speed and quality obligations, and why they're essential for observability.

6 min read

Alec Isaacson

Nerdlog Roundup: All Your Hosts, Clusters, and Apps in a Single View with New Relic Naviga…

This week's Nerdlog covers New Relic Navigator, which gives you real insight into your whole stack from a single view.

2 min read

Nočnica Fee

Observability Made Even More Simple, and Much More Intuitive

Announcing a new approach to instantly understanding health and change across your full estate—meet New Relic Explorer.

4 min read

Alex Kroman

3 Ways to Face Observability’s Change Management Challenges

When it comes to tackling observability change management, focus on the “people” part of “people, process, and technology.”

6 min read

Buddy Brewer

The Three Essentials for Achieving Full-Stack Observability

Don’t make the mistake of thinking a bag of monitoring tools will give you full-stack observability.

7 min read

Annette Sheppard

Predictions for Observability’s Evolution in 2021

We asked some bright minds to weigh in on how observability will impact business and technology in the year ahead.

7 min read

Tricia Kerr

BT Shop Connects Performance and Conversions with Insight from New Relic One

Duncan Rutherford, head of e-commerce at BT Shop, shares about becoming a more collaborative, data-driven organization through observability.

6 min read

Duncan Rutherford

Top 10 New Observability Features You Need to Know

Our engineers and product managers share their favorite New Relic One features, capabilities, and integrations.

6 min read

Dayna Lord

Without Observability, Kubernetes Is Impossible

Learn why true observability makes the benefits of Kubernetes clusters available at full capacity when powering microservices architectures.

5 min read

Nočnica Fee

New Relic Annual Pool of Funds Simplifies Observability Pricing

Annual Pool of Funds alternative to monthly “use it or lose it” monitoring pricing enables observability at scale.

5 min read

John Kinmonth

Free End-to-End Observability Now Available on AWS Marketplace

It's official: Get full visibility into your Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments with a free observability plan on AWS Marketplace.

6 min read

John Kinmonth

The Best Way to Know What's New in New Relic One

Learn about how to stay current on new features and capabilities within New Relic One through our in-platform section detailing recent product updates.

4 min read

Dayna Lord

Observability: Evolving Beyond Traditional Log Monitoring

Traditional log monitoring just won’t cut it in today’s fragmented DevOps landscape. Instead, teams need full observability.

6 min read

Elyssa Christensen

Breaking Down Communication Barriers With Observability

Learn how 27Global, a custom software development company, uses New Relic One to break down communication barriers and improve productivity and quality.

6 min read

Thomas Martin

Q&A: How Meredith Uses Observability, Distributed Tracing to Keep Media Brands Running

Learn why David Michael, director of consumer platform operations at Meredith, feels observability is critical to delivering important programs.

7 min read

Charlotte Ziems

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