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Announcing general availability of New Relic’s native OpenTelemetry support

New Relic announces that native support for OpenTelemetry is now generally available.

4 min read

James Stuckey

Data-driven observability: A modern approach to developing better software

Learn about insights from the 2021 Observability Forecast that demonstrate how achieving end-to-end, data-driven observability is more important than ever for software engineering

3 min read

Greg Perotto

Network performance monitoring is now available in New Relic

With network performance monitoring in New Relic, you can analyze network data alongside your other observability data for a holistic understanding of your system performance.

4 min read

John Withers

Our Commitment to Reliability and Incident Learning

Over the past week, our engineering teams have engaged in a retrospective process about a July 29 service outage, analyzing what happened, understanding why it happened, and discus

8 min read

Nic Benders

Next Gen AIOps: Expanded Anomaly Detection, Issue Maps, and More

Learn about new AIOps features announced at FutureStack, including expanded anomaly detection, easier alerting, issue maps, and AI-recommended dashboards.

5 min read

Annette Sheppard

New Relic and Formidable team up to make custom visualizations even easier

Adding custom charts into your New Relic One dashboards just got way faster! Work with pre-built custom charts from the Formidable charting library Victory.

4 min read

Aaron Watts

Error Tracking Across Your Entire Stack with New Relic Errors Inbox

Errors Inbox allows you to proactively receive all of your error notifications from across the full stack in one place. You can also easily communicate across teams about those err

7 min read

Scott Sugimoto

FutureStack 2021: A recap of the top new observability announcements

Learn about our product announcements from FutureStack 2021, the observability event of the year.

9 min read

Bill Staples

Learn In-Demand Tech Skills for Free With New Relic Student Edition

For students looking for hands-on learning to prepare for a career in tech, we now offer free, expanded access to our observability platform.

3 min read

Jemiah Sius

Accelerate innovation with open source browser monitoring

Gain transparency into the code you deploy to your systems, engage with New Relic on feedback, and accelerate innovation and quality of browser monitoring with the open source New

3 min read

Rebecca Rodriguez

A Letter From New Relic CEO-Elect Bill Staples

I am humbled and honored that Lew Cirne and the New Relic Board of Directors have asked me to serve as New Relic’s next CEO.

5 min read

Bill Staples

A Letter From New Relic Founder & CEO Lew Cirne

Lew Cirne, New Relic Founder and CEO, shares the news that Bill Staples, President and Chief Product Officer, is promoted to become the next CEO of New Relic, and why New Relic's f

6 min read

Lew Cirne

Open Observability for All 

At New Relic, we believe an open source, community-driven approach is the best way to address observability challenges. Today’s announcements solidify our commitment to open obse

3 min read

Bill Staples

New Relic advances data security and compliance by achieving FedRAMP Authority to Operate

New Relic’s FedRAMP authority to operate enables government agencies to monitor their IT systems, ensuring compliance with security standards.

3 min read

Frank Swain

Pixie by New Relic: Developer-First Observability for Kubernetes

Learn how Pixie by New Relic will empower developers with instant Kubernetes-native application observability.

5 min read

Lew Cirne

New Relic Partners in Launch of GitHub Sponsors for Companies

We’re proud to partner with GitHub to launch GitHub Sponsors for companies at Github Universe 2020

2 min read

Jonan Scheffler

New Relic Is Rated Highest in 2020 Gartner Peer Insights APM "Voice of the Customer"

We’re pleased to be named a Gartner Peer Insights APM “Voice of the Customer” company. See what our customers are saying.

2 min read

Debbie O'Brien

Introducing The New Relic Observability for Good Program

We’re partnering with non-for-profit organizations so they can innovate on and scale their charitable missions.

3 min read

Lew Cirne

New Relic and Grafana Labs CEOs Discuss Partnership to Bring Observability to All

New Relic and Grafana Labs are committed to driving better cross-functionality to simplify observability and open instrumentation

17 min read

Joel Worrall

Announcing New Relic Open Source: A Website for Open Source Projects

With a new site dedicated to our open source projects, we’re inviting the open source community to engage with us in the pursuit of a more perfect internet.

3 min read

Joel Worrall

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