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SecDevOps: Injecting Security Into DevOps Processes

The promise of DevOps is of a software-first world. But how do you make sure that DevOps is secure?

8 min read

Isaac Eldridge

Introducing the New Relic Guide to Measuring DevOps Success

The New Relic Guide to Measuring DevOps Success provides 10 hands-on tutorials that walk you through starting, tuning, and super-charging your DevOps efforts.

6 min read

Tori Wieldt

Establishing Resilience: The Challenges and Opportunities of Complexity

Modern software is an ever-shifting landscape. Here’s how New Relic’s reliability practices create robust and adaptive resilience.

10 min read

Beth Adele Long

8 Takeaways From New Relic’s New SRE Handbook

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is still widely misunderstood. Even experienced dev and ops practitioners may not know these important SRE realities.

6 min read

Fredric Paul

10 Things Everybody Needs to Know About Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

From the history of the term and its often fuzzy definitions to the fundamentals of success, we serve up 10 secrets of SRE.

9 min read

Kevin Casey

6 Priorities for Ops in a ‘Serverless’ World

The server as we know it is dying. Here are my suggestions for where ops folks should focus their time and energy in this brave new serverless operations world.

9 min read

Kevin Downs

What Tools Do Site Reliability Engineers Use?

What tools do SREs rely on to bring greater reliability to everything they touch? New Relic’s own experts share an inside look at the evolving SRE toolchain.

9 min read

Kevin Casey

Thoughts About Mob Programming From a Manager’s Perspective

In the final installment of our mob programming series, we consider the benefits and challenges of mob programming from a manager’s point of view.

8 min read

Rebecca Campbell

7 Habits of Highly Successful Site Reliability Engineers

As the role of the Site Reliability Engineer grows in software shops, we look at the habits and traits essential for career success.

7 min read

Kevin Casey

Mob Programming With the Pomodoro Technique

In the next installment of our mob programming series, we explain how we structure our mob sessions with the Pomodoro technique.

6 min read

Caito Scherr

Tips and Tricks for Effective Mob Programming

In another installment of our mob programming series, we tell you how we got over some of the initial hurdles we faced.

3 min read

Cory Johannsen

How to Start Mob Programming

In another installment of our mob programming series, we give you some helpful tips for getting the most out of your mob.

6 min read

April Leonard

Taming the Mob: An Introduction to Mob Programming

The New Relic Insights team has adopted mob programming, a new model for team programming, with fantastic results.

6 min read

Cory Johannsen

Dashboards for DevOps: Examples of What to Measure

Here are four examples of New Relic dashboards that you can use to show progress in your DevOps initiatives.

8 min read

Jonathan Owens

Resolving `Module#prepend` and `alias_method` Conflicts Involving the New Relic Ruby Agent

Apps that use `Module#prepend` on a method that the Ruby agent later puts an `alias_method` can generate `stack level too deep` errors. Here’s what to do about it.

8 min read

Katherine Wu

Towards a Better Way to Display Split-Scale Charts

We recently came up with a clever way to display split scales—a broken axis—in our charts, which we're sharing in the hope that others may find our technique useful.

10 min read

Miguel Jiménez Esún

Adding and Analyzing Custom Metrics in Node.js

The New Relic Node.js agent comes with a powerful set of monitoring capabilities, but you can also use custom monitoring for a particular application.

8 min read

Ken Ahrens

From Agile to Waterfall: Demystifying Programming Methodologies

Before you adopt any of these programming methodologies, you need a basic understanding of the options.

10 min read

Esther Schindler

Your PHP Database Code May Be Vulnerable to Hackers—Here's How to Fix It

These four PHP scripts are designed to show you how to make your PHP database code safer and easier to maintain.

12 min read

Andy Lester

Load Balancing 101: Understanding Global Load Balancing

Many growing firms eventually hit the point where they need multiple data centers. We explain the complexities involved in global load balancing.

5 min read

Nic Benders

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