Today, we’re announcing that network performance monitoring is now generally available as part of New Relic. We’ve partnered with Kentik, a leading network observability provider, to give you network performance monitoring in New Relic, so you have the data to understand how your network is impacting your overall system performance.

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Quickly answer the question: Is it the network?

When system performance suffers, you need to know if it’s due to your code, your infrastructure, or the underlying network. And you need to know quickly so you can focus your efforts at the right layer of your stack with the right team.

Now with network performance monitoring in New Relic, you can correlate and analyze all your telemetry data in one place—your applications, infrastructure, digital experience, and network data. This way, you can engage the right team at the right layer of the stack faster than ever before. And when it is the network, you can provide network engineering teams with proper context for faster resolution.

Quickly detect alerting entities to pinpoint problems in your network.

Like any other data flowing into New Relic, network data is parsed into a set of golden signals. Golden signals are automatically curated performance data, such as latency, packet loss, and jitter. As seen in the image below, Lookout uses automatic anomaly detection signals to help you discover network anomalies by default. In the graphic, the color of the circle represents whether a value is increasing or decreasing, and the size represents the relative amount. Network-related alerting means you can collaborate on potential problems with network engineers before they manifest into larger issues.

Discover network anomalies across your golden signals with zero configuration.

Network data has high cardinality, which means it consists of many distinct attributes. This granularity is useful when you need to ask ad hoc, unanticipated, and exploratory questions of your data. New Relic is unique in that you get the power and scalability to ingest, store, and query high-cardinality network data to give you the details necessary as you’re troubleshooting.

Analyze flow data by isolating unique conversations by source, destination, and TCP port, which can be used to answer questions like “What’s using all the bandwidth?”

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