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In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, understanding user interactions with your application isn't just an option; it's the key to delivering exceptional digital experiences. However, navigating intricate systems to replicate and diagnose issues can be a daunting task, especially without a clear view of how actual users interact with  your application. This lack of visibility not only slows down issue resolution, but also makes it challenging to pinpoint aspects of your front-end design that cause user frustration, churn and ultimately impact your bottom line.

Today, we bridge this gap by providing a window into the true user experience with the launch of New Relic Session Replay, now available in Limited Preview, which allows you to view user interactions through video-like playback alongside the most granular telemetry data available across your stack to get vital context to reproduce and resolve issues faster. New Relic Session Replay extends New Relic’s front-end monitoring toolkit, alongside browser, mobile, and synthetic monitoring as part of all-in-one observability platform.

New Relic Session Replay

Better understand front-end experiences 

New Relic Session Replay solves the challenge of knowing what is happening when a user interacts with your application. It provides you with a visual playback of user sessions combined with the detailed code-level telemetry data in New Relic session traces. This visual representation is the result of techniques that capture user interactions at a granular level, including each DOM change and interaction event. When you replay a session, you're experiencing an accurate reconstruction of the user's journey, redefining how you address code problems and understand and improve your digital experiences.

Whether your user encountered an error during an online transaction or stumbled upon a bug, New Relic Session Replay allows you to retrace their steps and get to the root cause faster, all in the same view and no context switching, making troubleshooting easier than ever.

Furthermore, New Relic Session Replay helps you enhance your overall user experience by enabling you to identify pain points and friction in your users’ journey. This allows you to refine your online applications to be more intuitive and user-friendly. In essence, Session Replay empowers you with technical insights to gain a holistic understanding of user experience by offering a clear window into your user’s digital interactions, fostering trust and ensuring smoother online journeys that delight your customers.

Rewind and resolve issues faster

Imagine you're a front-end developer examining telemetry data for an error that's appeared in errors inbox. The error states, "Unknown Server Error. Please Try Again." The code seems fine, so what's the problem? Swiftly reproducing and resolving such issues is crucial.

New Relic Session Replay bridges the gap between the user's experience and the developer's toolkit. It enables an in-depth analysis of user interactions, showing what the user encountered side-by-side with detailed code-level telemetry data in New Relic session traces. When an issue arises, developers can effortlessly transition from the error summary to a replay of the session in which the error took place. This means you can view the problem in real-time, jump to the relevant code, and solve it quickly.

Protect user data with client-side obfuscation and encryption

New Relic Session Replay offers powerful insights while also keeping Personal Identifiable Information (PII) secure and protected. 

Strong privacy measures like obfuscation and encryption are automatically enabled to ensure that you can start analyzing user interactions right away without having to worry about compliance. You will also be able to configure custom privacy settings to mask, block or ignore certain data.

More features on the way

With upcoming features such as replays in context to better help you troubleshoot your Web Vitals scores, or filter replays associated with a new page URL, New Relic Session Replay helps you turn user insights into more perfect apps.