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Solve real problems with New Relic Applied Intelligence

New Relic Applied Intelligence (NRᴬᴵ) is a set of services that automatically finds meaning and solutions in your mountain of data. From advanced statistics to machine learning to artificial intelligence, NRᴬᴵ uses the right technique to give you answers to your most pressing issues—quickly and intelligently.

See through the fog of data

Massive amounts of data are being generated by ever-more complex environments. NRᴬᴵ helps you manage this steady flow of information by delivering clear guidance when you need it most. Whether it’s through heuristic algorithms or anomaly detection, machine learning or root-cause analysis, NRᴬᴵ is a powerful ally that learns from your systems, finds patterns, trends, and errors that could be difficult for you to identify, and delivers intelligent recommendations for resolution.

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Dynamic Baselines


Thresholds that adjust intelligently based on historical data (both metrics and transactions), grow more granular over time, and send alerts only when your applications perform unexpectedly.

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Error Profiles


Filters out what’s unusual about an error or set of errors, replacing the manual (and time-consuming) investigation process with clear information.

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Incident Context


Automatically highlight anomalous behavior in key signals related to the application or host that’s paging you. 

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Powerful anomaly detection for every New Relic Alert

For a quick overview on what incident context is and how to use it, watch this video.


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New Relic Applied Intelligence delivers advice and analysis that make it easier than ever for you to monitor complex, ever-changing environments.