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New Relic AI

Faster incident response for busy DevOps and SRE teams

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Detect, understand & resolve incidents faster with the easiest-to-use, most powerful AIOps solution

New Relic AI helps you detect problems earlier, diagnose and understand incidents better, and solve problems faster. 

It automatically discovers anomalies, correlates related alerts and incidents to reduce noise, and provides intelligent enrichment to help you determine root cause and resolve issues faster. 

Best of all, New Relic AI surfaces correlated, enriched incidents in the tools you already use, with full transparency and minimal configuration requirements, to free you from steep learning curves and lengthy implementations.

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New Relic AI includes:

Proactive Detection

Detect anomalies before they become incidents. Automatically receive real-time failure warnings delivered straight to the tools where you already work, including your Slack channels.

Incident Intelligence

Reduce alert fatigue and prioritize the issues that matter most with a powerful correlation engine that makes alerts more meaningful and actionable, so you can fix issues faster and with more confidence.

Faster to connect, faster to value

Quickly connect the tools you already use with our simple guided configuration UI, webhooks and APIs. Connect your accounts from tools like Slack, PagerDuty, Splunk, Grafana, Prometheus and Amazon CloudWatch in a few clicks, and integrate with your incident management tools of choice. You can ingest alerts, incidents and event data from any source and start seeing the benefits of anomaly detection and automatic noise reduction right away.

New Relic Available Sources

Automatic anomaly detection

Get notified about potential problems in your tools of choice
before they turn into incidents. New Relic AI proactively
monitors your services for anomalies based on SRE
golden signals -- such as latency, errors, saturation
and traffic -- and notifies you with real-time failure
warnings and actionable details so you can investigate

New Relic Applied Intelligence anomaly detection in Slack

Correlate incidents to reduce alert noise and fatigue

Automatically group and prioritize your alerts and incident data to decrease noise and focus on what matters most. New Relic AI establishes relationships between incidents and includes flapping detection and smart suppression to reduce noise from low-priority alerts by as much as 90 percent.

New Relic incidents related to issues panel

Correlate incidents with your own decision logic

Easily build your own correlation logic with an intuitive decisions builder that makes it simple to tell New Relic AI what data to compare and correlate. You can create logic based on any event attribute, adjust frequency and duration thresholds, and even choose out-of-the-box similarity algorithms giving you full flexibility and control.

Build a new decision creation page

Get transparency into why incidents are correlated to build trust

AIOps tools shouldn’t be a black box. New Relic AI provides full transparency into why and how issues are correlated, so you have confidence in the ML models that reduce noise while ensuring that critical signals don’t go unnoticed.

Screenshot of New Relic showing why children issues were merged

Diagnose and respond faster with incident intelligence

New Relic AI enriches correlated incidents with deeper context and metadata, so you can troubleshoot and understand the issue, get closer to the root cause, and take action to resolve it. Alerts are automatically classified based on golden signals and related components of your environments are identified, so you can quickly determine the probable cause and isolate the source of the problem.

Analysis summary page for New Relic Applied Intelligence

Escalate incidents to the right responders faster

Route correlated incidents to the team members best equipped to respond and make noisy, misdirected alerts a thing of the past. New Relic AI suggests responders based on your data, and gives you the flexibility to easily determine where and how you send issues to your teams -- for example, it’s easy to set all incidents with a particular application name to only notify that team’s dedicated PagerDuty service.

New Relic Applied intelligence query building page

No changes to your existing incident response workflow

Easily connect your incident management tools as destinations. New Relic AI delivers correlated, enriched incidents into tools like PagerDuty, OpsGenie, ServiceNow and more, so you don’t need to reinvent your on-call workflow.

Example of PagerDuty issue integrated with the New Relic workflow

Experience New Relic AI firsthand

New Relic AI delivers advice and analysis that make it easier than ever for you to monitor complex, ever-changing environments.

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