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Adopting the practice of SRE

… Adopting the practice of SRE best-practices By Dan Holloran Dan … LinkedIn Site reliability engineering (SRE) isn’t a new term or practice. The … account for the widespread adoption of

7 min read

Dan Holloran

8 Takeaways From New Relic’s New SRE Handbook

… 8 Takeaways From New Relic’s New SRE Handbook best-practices By Fredric … The Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) function is becoming increasingly … Philosophies, Habits, and Tools for

6 min read

Fredric Paul

How Domino’s UK built an SRE function and modernized reliability operations

… How Domino’s UK built an SRE function and modernized reliability … a site reliability engineering (SRE) capability across the technology … to 100%. As we began to create a modern

5 min read

Patrick Hyland

A Day in the Life of a New Relic SRE

… A Day in the Life of a New Relic SRE nerd-life By Yonatan Schultz Yonatan Schultz is a New Relic SRE and backend Java developer. We hear a … my case, a site reliability engineer (SRE

7 min read

Yonatan Schultz

DAZN’s head of SRE on conquering instant releases

… DAZN’s head of SRE on conquering instant releases … achieve. One challenge for DAZN Head of SRE Craig Mclean is consolidating and … a retrospective." Craig Mclean Head of SRE

3 min read

Delia Behr

5 common sources of alert fatigue for SRE and DevOps teams

… 5 common sources of alert fatigue for SRE and DevOps teams best-practices By Guy … in 2019. If you’ve ever been an on-call SRE, you’re familiar with alert fatigue: … and distract your o

3 min read

Guy Fighel

The Rise of the Site Reliability Engineer

… particular, Site Reliability Engineer (SRE). That’s even true at New Relic—just because the SRE role has become a super-important … everyone agrees on what, exactly, a SRE

9 min read

Kevin Casey

Defining modern software roles: SREs at New Relic

… at New Relic, focusing on the SRE practice and the technical, … time thinking about what a great modern SRE practice should look like in a DevOps … Written by members of Google's

6 min read

Matthew Flaming

Between Two SREs: Google’s Liz Fong-Jones and New Relic’s Matthew Flaming

… time with Liz Fong-Jones , staff SRE at Google, and New Relic’s own vice … practices and the burgeoning SRE role . Matthew started doing DevOps … New York , where they discussed the

6 min read

Kevin Casey

More than just noise reduction

… by New Relic in 2019. The world of SRE and DevOps teams is all about fast … of dollars or clicks. Effective SRE teams push for continuous improvement … used to measure the effectiveness of

4 min read


Guy Fighel

Breaking Down Communication Barriers With Observability

… dev and site reliability engineering (SRE) teams, and us and our clients. When … That’s why data is at the heart of our SRE organization. At 27Global, SRE is both a busines

6 min read

Thomas Martin

What are SLOs, SLIs, and SLAs?

… Site reliability engineering (SRE) has popularized best practices for … service levels, SLOs, SLIs, and SLAs? SRE teams, reliability engineers, and … Service levels come into play to help

6 min read

Best Practices

Amy Reinholds

Observy McObservface Episode 3 - Firefighting and DevOps: The Platypus Incident

… on the distinction between DevOps and SRE, the pros and cons of microservices, … a lot of developer tools. I was on the SRE team. Before Namely, I was at … see pop up in Google is “DevOps

21 min read

Jonan Scheffler

DevOps Weekly’s Gareth Rushgrove on the History and Evolution of DevOps

… like site reliability engineering (SRE) fit into this discussion? Gareth: SRE has come out of Google, and not many … source projects and other means. The SRE book is a fantas

11 min read

Fredric Paul

New Relic Has Acquired SignifAI to Advance AIOps

… in site reliability engineering ( SRE ) best practices and machine … principles was the idea of a "Virtual SRE"—the ability to see and make sense of … and correlate them as a se

6 min read

Jim Gochee

Create and monitor WayScript self-service dev environments in minutes

… day, creating a growing challenge for SRE  and DevOps teams to keep up and … development needs. Interrupting the SRE workflow to provision and manage … gets access to a WayScript workspace

7 min read

Louis Leung

Monica Mishra

What Is AIOps?

… proactively. Every minute that DevOps, SRE, and NOC teams have to spend … There are four main ways that DevOps, SRE, and on-call teams are putting AIOps … classifying incidents based on the

6 min read

Guy Fighel

Announcing New Relic AI general availability

… and reliability increases, DevOps, SRE, and network operation center (NOC) … tools you already use If your DevOps, SRE, or on-call team is tasked with … making a difference for busy DevOps,

8 min read

Guy Fighel

Using modern observability to establish a data-driven culture

… observability as a foundation for their SRE, DevOps, development, and CloudOps … to within minutes. Empower and scale SRE teams using observability data to … across development, operations,

3 min read

Stephen Elliot

Join New Relic at SRECon

… is themed around self-care for the SRE. We’ll be giving away self-care items …

2 min read

Daniel Kim

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