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Inspiring Women in Tech You Should Be Following

We highlight several women who are having a big impact on the tech industry and in the tech community—follow them for advice and inspiration.

11 min read

Nočnica Fee

Serverless Leaders to Follow Online

For anyone interested in serverless trends, here’s our take on the serverless leaders you should follow online and why.

14 min read

Nočnica Fee

23 DevOps Leaders to Follow Online

Want to stay on top of the world of DevOps? Get to know these important DevOps leaders who share valuable opinions and insights.

10 min read

Tori Wieldt

20 JavaScript and Node.js developers to follow in 2020

… 20 JavaScript and Node.js developers to … on Twitter who frequently work with JavaScript, Node.js, and especially React, the frontend JavaScript framework that has experience

7 min read

Jonan Scheffler

Q&A: Gene Kim on What’s Required to Deliver More Perfect Software

Read what author and researcher Gene Kim thinks organizations can do to develop more perfect software–and why some are performing better than others. 

5 min read

Charlotte Ziems

20 Ruby Developers to Follow Online

Want to keep track of or interact with some of the brightest minds in the community? Follow these top 20 Ruby developers.

11 min read

Matthew McKenzie

13 Awesome Python Developers to Follow Online

Follow these 13 active Python contributors to stay abreast of the all the latest trends in Python and its community.

7 min read

Brad Bourque

Cloud Computing Leaders to Follow Online

Want to get your head in the cloud? Here are the cloud visionaries and thought leaders you should be keeping tabs on.

9 min read

Kevin Casey

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report 2019: 3 Keys for Enterprise IT

Mary Meeker’s influential report holds deep insights on cloud computing, digital customer experience, and the power of data in the enterprise.

7 min read

Matthew McKenzie

23 PHP Developers to Follow Online

Stay abreast of the latest developments with the PHP scripting language by following these prominent and influential PHP developers.

11 min read

Matthew McKenzie

15 Kubernetes Experts to Follow Online

Stay up-to-date with the latest, most important news and commentary in the fast-growing world of Kubernetes.

6 min read

Jake Widman

20 .NET Developers to Follow Online

Here are 20 of New Relic's favorite .NET developers to follow online.

11 min read

Kirby Frugia

Between Two SREs: Google’s Liz Fong-Jones and New Relic’s Matthew Flaming

Google’s Liz Fong-Jones and New Relic’s Matthew Flaming delve into the nuts and bolts of site reliability engineering (SRE) in their conversation at FutureStack: New York.

6 min read

Kevin Casey

18 Go Experts to Follow Online

Here are the smartest, most interesting Go experts that any Gopher (or would-be Gopher) should be following online.

9 min read

David Gaule

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