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Use domain capture to group your engineers in one New Relic organization

Domain capture automatically connects new users with their company’s existing New Relic accounts for more efficient access to data.

3 min read

Jason Ng

Managing high cardinality data from Prometheus

Learn how to manage Prometheus cardinality data to get highly detailed data while keeping your data storage costs down.

8 min read

Tyler Clayton

Announcing the winners of the New Relic Impact Fund

Learn about nonprofits awarded funding for technology projects, furthering the New Relic mission to expand equitable access to technology.

5 min read

Erin Dieterich

How to convince your boss to prioritize observability

Learn insights from the 2022 Observability Forecast that you can use to convince your boss to prioritize observability.

5 min read

Leon Adato

Analyze Kubernetes performance in a single UI

Our new Kubernetes experience helps you identify and resolve problems and their associated applications faster and scale infrastructure.

4 min read

John Withers

How to monitor a Next.js application

Learn how to see all of your application data by instrumenting your Next.js app with New Relic in this quick guide.

9 min read

Mat Wilk

New Relic announces support for Amazon VPC Flow Logs via Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose

Send Amazon VPC Flow Logs via Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose to reduce Amazon CloudWatch-related costs, and explore and navigate flow logs across your technology estate.

6 min read

Josh Biggley

Fortune recognizes New Relic as a best place to work in technology

New Relic is honored by Fortune and PEOPLE Magazine in three workplace culture awards.

1 min read

Tracy Williams

Using OpenTelemetry to reduce the web development tooling tax

Use OpenTelemetry and New Relic to reduce the tooling tax associated with web development.

4 min read

Ben Greenberg

Building for sustainability: Dashboards

As new sustainability regulations come into effect, more teams are tracking impact with dashboards. Here are seven metrics to track.

4 min read

Louis Leung

3 steps to improve digital customer experience

Learn about three observability practices to better customer experience.

2 min read

Neil MacGowan

Create and monitor WayScript self-service dev environments in minutes

Learn how to create self-service developer environments with log forwarding and infrastructure monitoring using the WayScript integration for New Relic.

7 min read

Louis Leung

Monica Mishra

Tail sampling with OpenTelemetry and New Relic

Learn how to use tail sampling with OpenTelemetry and New Relic to better understand how your application is performing.

10 min read

Reese Lee

Longer query durations with Data Plus

Learn how Data Plus users can use more powerful and longer-running queries via NerdGraph to analyze large volumes of data at a cheaper price point.

3 min read

Emory Zhao

Derek Roller

See everything in your tech stack with these logging best practices

Learn the basics of log management and gain visibility into how complex applications and systems perform.

4 min read

Yoram Mireles

How Hex Technologies ships fast and scales an effective engineering team

… Marketing Manager at New Relic.  I had the honor of interviewing two of the founders at Hex , Caitlin Colgrove, … data scientists and data analysts to the C-suite.  Bridging the

7 min read

Dayna Lord

4 best practices for operational efficiency

Learn 4 ways to improve efficiency through telemetry, naming conventions, automation, and tool consolidation.

2 min read

Neil MacGowan

OpenTelemetry exponential histograms

Learn about the new exponential bucket histograms in OpenTelemetry, how they work, the problem they solve, and how to start using them now.

10 min read

Jack Berg

Feature comparison: New Relic agents and OpenTelemetry

Learn which New Relic observability features are currently available for New Relic agents and OpenTelemetry instrumentation.

2 min read

Ralph Bodenner

Changes to the New Relic team

Changes to the New Relic team

3 min read

Bill Staples

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