Pilot and Foundation

Get to know  the what, why, and how to establish a foundation for embracing and executing a successful cloud strategy.

New Relic dashboard showing both infrastructure and cloud metrics.
New Relic dashboard showing both infrastructure and cloud metrics.

Migration Assurance

Achieve accelerated migrations with reduced risks which are validated with before, during, and after measurements.


Achieve the promise of the cloud with scalability, cost optimization, speed, and agility against KPIs and analytics.

Cloud Optimize app detailing current, optimized, and potential savings for cloud infrastructure.
New Relic tracing and Kubernetes cluster explorer helps you modernize your applications.

Application Modernization

Ability to make smart, data-driven decisions to modernize and evolve applications to meet changing business opportunities.

Thriving Digital Business

Empowered teams that work from a single source of truth, enable rapid innovation and agility with a consistent emphasis on customer experience.

New Relic dashboard showing metrics corresponding to business KPIs.

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