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Get maximum value from the cloud

Migrate faster, resolve issues faster, and ensure the complete success of your cloud adoption initiative.

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Prepare for the move by setting performance baselines, identifying dependencies, and prioritizing your migration order.


What you need to measure before, during, and after the move, so you can ensure success at every step.


Maintain and optimize your cloud apps and infrastructure by instrumenting everything.

Pantheon Confidently Accelerates Migration

"Before we moved a single workload over to GCP, our engineering team mapped out a detailed plan for how we would successfully migrate, including establishing baseline metrics and acceptance criteria."

Josh Koenig, Co-founder and Head of Product at Pantheon

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 Cloud Planning with New Relic

West Corp Reduces Risk and Speeds Transformation

“New Relic and Pivotal Cloud Foundry are central to the digital transformation initiative at West. The dramatic architectural changes we are making as we shift to more modular, portable application delivery with Cloud Foundry are not without risks. New Relic provides the safety net required to dramatically reduce risk and speed our transformation with confidence.”

Thomas Squeo, SVP of Digital Transformation and Enterprise Architecture at West Corp

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 Cloud Migration with New Relic

Scripps Networks Gets a Full Picture of Their AWS Cloud Services

“Thanks to New Relic Infrastructure’s elegant integrations with AWS, our Mobile and Emerging Platforms team has been able to set up alerting based on New Relic data and build dashboards through New Relic Insights to get a clear view into Lambda performance. AWS cloud services monitoring data combined with application monitoring data is immensely powerful – we get a full picture of our application delivery stack performance all in one place with New Relic.”

Mark Kelly, Director of Cloud and Infrastructure Services Architecture at Scripps Networks

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Run in the Cloud with New Relic


The Essential Guide to Cloud Migration Monitoring

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New Relic Solution Frameworks: Accelerate your Cloud, DevOps, and Digital Customer Experience Initiatives


Technical Webinar with AWS: Everything You Need to Measure in Your Migration


How to Calculate the Cost of a Cloud Migration