21 Days of Goodness 2023 beach clean up

At New Relic, we’re proud to have recently wrapped up our third annual 21 Days of Goodness campaign. These three weeks have grown to be a special time at the company, fostering opportunities for Relics around the world to give, donate, and share gratitude for their communities and each other with intention and purpose. More than 75% of Relics joined in on 21 Days of Goodness this year, supporting more than 1,100 different charities around the world with their time, generosity, and gratitude.

21 Days of Goodness PDX DiaperBank

Relics volunteering at the PDX Diaper Bank.

The campaign kicks off every year on Giving Tuesday, a day known around the world that celebrates shared humanity and generosity. Employees came online in the morning to find money waiting in their Benevity accounts that they could donate to charities of their choice. Most Relics had $25, but others were randomly selected to receive special amounts—up to $500! Everyone made fast work of their funds, finding nonprofits they loved and donating their rewards. But it didn’t stop there. Many Relics went above and beyond, making personal donations to causes as well, leveraging our employee donation matching program to help direct funds from our Donor Advised Fund to charities they love. To spread the feelings of generosity around, employees shared where they donated and why, creating personal connections and encouraging their coworkers to donate as well. By the end of the campaign, Relics had directed more than $130,000 to nonprofits around the world. (Since the start of this campaign, employees have directed more than $335k to nonprofits in total.)

Tokyo Relics cleaning up Kansai

12月5日の「Day of Sevice」イベントに参加し地域清掃活動を実施した関西メンバー

Week two was focused on giving time—and Relics took the challenge to heart. Relics around the world volunteered with causes they love, coordinated opportunities and invited their coworkers to join them, and got to know new organizations along the way. In fact, on the UN’s International Volunteer Day, more than 1,100 Relics volunteered their time in-person and online, creating a wave of impact across 20 countries. We joined long-standing partners, including:

  • CareerVillage, a nonprofit working to democratize access to career information for underrepresented youth, hosting virtual Career Advice Parties where we answered career advice questions together.
  • MigraCode, the first code academy for refugees and migrants in Barcelona, hosting a coding workshop for students.

CodePath, an organization focused on reprogramming higher education to create the most diverse generation of engineers, CTOs, and founders, reviewing resumes and providing feedback.

Relics volunteering at a food kitchen

Relics volunteering at a food kitchen.

Volunteers also connected with new organizations, which resulted in more than 95 different opportunities for employees to give back. As a Flex First company with most employees choosing to work from home, it was incredible to see Relics coming together to gather, volunteer, and connect in person around the world. Photos and stories from all that goodness poured in, creating opportunities for employees to celebrate and connect with each other, including leaders who were traveling and got the chance to join our India Relics at their projects.

Relics volunteering at a Hyderabad high school

Relics volunteering at a Hyderabad high school.

We rode the wave of good feelings from all that volunteering into week three, where the focus was on giving thanks. We asked Relics to share who (or what) they were grateful for. It was such a wonderful opportunity to recognize each other, the work we’ve done together over the past year and beyond—and share stories of gratitude from our personal lives. It was a great way to wrap up three weeks of impact.

From planting gardens in Austin to teaching students how to code in Barcelona to cleaning up local parks in Tokyo, Relics came together again to give back and connect. As 2023 comes to a close, I’m grateful to work at a company that prioritizes these opportunities and connection points, bringing people together for good.

Relics volunteering for Free Geek

Relics volunteering for Free Geek.