Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) is a managed service that simplifies the development and deployment process for containerized applications, and allows developers to leverage Kubernetes for container orchestration while benefiting from scalability, security, and ease of use provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Developers can benefit from the array of solutions and add-ons in AWS extensive Kubernetes ecosystem such as the New Relic observability platform. 

We’re now announcing an integration that offers the New Relic EKS add-on directly on the EKS Marketplace so that customers have a frictionless experience instrumenting the New Relic agent on EKS using the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI). This eliminates the need to manually execute commands to install helm charts on EKS.

Seamless Cluster Monitoring and Management with New Relic EKS Add-on

With the New Relic EKS add-on you can easily deploy your operator on the EKS cluster, which will help to monitor and manage your cluster in New Relic with effortless installation. The EKS add-on will automatically install Kubernetes integration using the New Relic operator without the need for upgrading to the latest version of the New Relic bundle.

New Relic available as add-on on the EKS Catalog

New Relic EKS add-on installed

Visibility in New Relic after applying CRD

The above snapshots from the EKS add-on shows the easy installation of the add-on to the Kubernetes cluster.