Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice 2023

To our community of engineers–thank you!

Hundreds of engineers have weighed in, and we’re thrilled to announce that New Relic customers provided high ratings that contributed to the Gartner Peer Insights™ Voice of the Customer for Application Performance Monitoring report. Customer ratings helped New Relic to be named a Customers’ Choice in the application performance monitoring (APM) and observability space.

New Relic equips engineers with a comprehensive observability platform that encompasses the telemetry data platform, full-stack observability (including APM), and applied intelligence to help them do their best work faster, more easily, and more efficiently. 

By providing you with the best platform you need to stay ahead of application issues that could impact your customers, you’re free to focus on more innovative ways to drive business forward. 

Here are some of our favorite quotes shared by New Relic customers:  

  • Reviewing For Life Relief ‘New Relic’: My experience is quite good regarding New Relic software, the tracking, and analytics of this US-based company are awesome, its cloud-based software allows websites and mobile apps to track user interactions is quite helpful, from this software one can easily view and analyse data and real-time insights, I wanna Give it 7 stars but due to unavailability, I would go for 5 stars. Thank you." – Project and Development, Construction


  • Analyzes All Aspects Of The Full Stack And Provides Suggestions For Resolution Of Issues: Its unique ability to offer a full-stack, end-to-end view of the front-end and back-end applications, all the way to the database is great …The automatic and intelligent observability from New Relic helps us to effectively monitor a truckload of hosts with minimal manual oversight and uncovers exceptions occurring within our apps, and the analysis graphs help visualize a problem.” – Manager - IT Infrastructure, Manufacturing


  • "One of the best APM Tools in the Market: My overall experience with the New Relic is very great. All of its features like APM, infra, and synthetic monitoring are very efficient. Alert & AI are one of the best parts in these. New relic customer support is also very quick and give(s) immediate response." – Engineer, IT Services


  • "New Relic: Best Monitoring Software: We now have the instrumentation and monitoring tools necessary to [manage] back-office operations and a high transaction eCommerce Platform thanks to New Relic …we can monitor the system even after hours and safeguard our income." – Software Development Engineer, Healthcare and Biotech

Gartner defines APM as software that enables the observation and analysis of application health, performance, and user experience. The targeted roles are IT operations, site reliability engineers, cloud and platform teams, application developers, and product owners. These solutions may be offered for self-hosted deployment, as a vendor-managed hosted environment, or via software as a service (SaaS).

We are thrilled to be part of the incredible success that our community has accomplished, and are excited to see just how much you’ve been able to drive business forward with New Relic. Engineers like you are the reason we constantly push for greatness in our platform, and we couldn’t do it without you. We look forward to continuing to support you in your observability journeys and will keep working hard to help you solve your toughest IT challenges—from cloud adoption to DevOps to delivering high-quality digital customer experiences.