As organizations continue to migrate to the cloud, many are also coming to grips with a tremendous need to observe data from a multitude of sources—internal and external, across any number of teams and systems—to detect and resolve potential issues quickly and efficiently. New Relic has helped dozens of companies to address these types of challenges by working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) teams, systems integrators, and managed service providers to implement a data-driven approach to observability. Time and again, these joint customers have benefited from an approach that leverages the open, connected and programmable capabilities of the New Relic platform—enabling them to scale their application and infrastructure operations.

Today, in support of this approach, New Relic is announcing several updates to its Cloud Adoption Solution for AWS, which helps customers eliminate risk and accelerate migration, modernization and optimization of workloads in AWS. New Relic’s Cloud Adoption Solution delivers a unique combination of people, processes, and technology designed to provide customers with a thorough understanding of the entire cloud migration process, from the planning phase, to the migration and ongoing, post-migration operations.

In addition, we’re proud to note the industry accolades our Cloud Adoption Solution has earned—including recognition as the Best Cloud Migration Tool of the Year by Computing UK and AWS Public Sector; and receiving the AWS Public Sector Migration Technology Partner Award for 2019 at the Partner Advisory Council during AWS Re:Invent in Las Vegas this week.

Strong Momentum with AWS Partner Ecosystem

New Relic continues to invest in supporting AWS technologies that our customers depend on to achieve faster, lower-risk migrations with more compelling business outcomes. By integrating with several AWS management and governance tools—including the AWS Service Catalog, Control Tower, and Migration Hub—New Relic has taken away much of the pain and risk often associated with complexity in the cloud.

Furthermore, New Relic continues to prove the value of the AWS ecosystem via partner programs that help customers procure, deploy, and implement technology faster. This includes our recent success engaging customers through the AWS SaaS Private Offers program, which makes it easy for customers to consolidate their cloud budgets, and to simplify procurement and invoicing for AWS services, including the purchase of New Relic and other technology providers. (We encourage customers to inquire with their AWS and New Relic team contacts to learn more about the SaaS Private Offers program, and how it can support further efficiency gains in their cloud adoption strategies.)

Announcements that keep New Relic on the cutting edge with AWS

By combining the world’s leading observability platform, the Cloud Adoption Solution for AWS, and AWS marketplace programs, New Relic continues to help customers de-risk and accelerate their cloud migration, modernization and workload optimization initiatives on the AWS platform. But we’re also committed to pushing the leading edge of innovation within the AWS ecosystem even further, simplifying observability in cloud environments and supporting even bigger efficiency gains.

This commitment is the driving force behind a series of major announcements that touch upon every aspect of New Relic’s relationship with AWS—from tools and technology to partner ecosystem engagement:

  • Announcing the Cloud Adoption Solution Application: This application is built on New Relic One using the migration and modernization methodology used by AWS and it’s partner ecosystem. Now customers, AWS professional services, and systems integrators can use this application to observe KPIs while delivering critical migration, modernization and optimization project—and thus making it even easier to accelerate cloud adoption.
  • Adding AWS Retail competency: Today, at the Global Partner Summit keynote during AWS re:Invent, New Relic officially received its AWS Retail competency. This adds to existing competencies for Migration, Mobile, DevOps, Government and Marketplace Seller. In addition, by making the New Relic One platform available on the AWS Marketplace, New Relic gives customers an easier way to procure, instrument, and adopt cloud-native services by aligning budgets and procurement cycles, and for a streamlined purchasing process.
  • Adding managed service providers (MSPs): We have recently signed expanded partnerships with AWS managed service providers including Bespin Global, Blazeclan, and Mission Cloud Services. As customers expand their use of MSPs to deliver cloud services, the New Relic One platform empowers managed service providers to improve customer experiences by providing observability to managed cloud and managed applications services.
  • Adding technology partners in the AWS ecosystem: With the recent launch of the New Relic platform’s programmability capabilities, several of New Relic’s technology partners, including VividCortex and, have delivered new New Relic One integrations. This is the basis for a new technology partner program which is currently in development with over a dozen partners. We encourage fellow technology partners to contact us to learn more.
  • Delivering AWS Innovations: Delivering 10 new integrations to collect data via Amazon CloudWatch for the following AWS services: Amazon MQ, Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK), AWS Glue, Amazon Athena, AWS Step Functions, AWS Direct Connect, Amazon DocumentDB, AWS WAF, AWS App Sync, and AWS QLDB.
  • Announcing New Relic Logs for AWS FireLens: New Relic recently announced an AWS FireLens integration built on a Fluent Bit output plugin which connects FireLens-monitored log data to New Relic Logs. Once logs are flowing into New Relic, customers can now monitor them alongside key metrics to get improved visibility into containerized services.

World Fuel Services: An example of the ecosystem in action

We know there’s a lot of news to digest here, and it can be hard to visualize just how impactful these types of innovations and new ecosystem relationships can be for your own cloud initiatives. Fortunately, we can also show you how real New Relic customers like World Fuel Services (WFS) are putting these capabilities to work—in this case, teaming with Kinect Consulting, AWS and New Relic to fuel a transformative path to the cloud.

By working with New Relic, AWS, and Kinect, WFS was able to accelerate its embrace of the Cloud and of DevOps; speed up its application migration strategy; and implement flexible, hybrid cloud capabilities that will eventually allow it to decommission all 20 of its legacy data centers. Read the full case study here, and discover how New Relic can leverage the AWS partner ecosystem to achieve your own cloud transformation, as well.

In another example, according to a newly released Forrester Total Economic Impact™ study, customers using the New Relic platform for infrastructure optimization are able to save up to 50 percent on cloud expenditure. The study found that the customers and partners interviewed saved over $1 million on public cloud infrastructure spending after the course of three years. To learn more, download the full report.

Want to learn more about New Relic and AWS solutions? Visit New Relic at booth # 401 at AWS Re:Invent. or visit our AWS Marketplace website today!