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Programmability allows engineers to extend New Relic One to enable teams to gain more insight into their systems and connect system performance to business KPI’s, engagement with customers, or alignment of disparate third-party systems.


Customize your View

Create, manage, and deploy community applications available in the New Relic One Catalog to quickly gain insight into your customer’s needs, or build your own customized application to meet your specific needs.

Customize your view by:

Whether you're new to New Relic or already a data nerd, you can start building right now. For free. Check out to get started.

Customize your view

Automate your Workflows

The New Relic Developer Toolkit is a suite of tools built to ease the configuration, management, and usage of New Relic through automation. 

  • Reduce your team’s toil by using Observability as Code with the New Relic Terraform Provider to automate observability across a large organization with distributed teams.
  • The New Relic CLI enables integration of New Relic into your existing workflows, whether fetching data from your laptop while troubleshooting an issue, or adding New Relic into your CI/CD pipeline.
  • The New Relic Kubernetes Operator facilitates management of New Relic resources from within your Kubernetes configuration.

Check out all the tools in the Developer Toolkit and our public roadmap

Automate your workflows

Collaborate in the Open

We are committed to open standards, open source instrumentation, and the open communities that support them.

  • We’ve open sourced all of our instrumentation agents, integrations, custom visualizations, and our telemetry SDK
  • We’ve aligned our products with CNCF’s OpenTelemetry and Prometheus/OpenMetrics standards as well as supporting other open sources of information like Telegraf, Kamon, Micrometer, and Dropwizard and popular open source tools like Grafana
  • Engage engineers where they are, in the communities they already belong to, making it easier for engineers to access New Relic expertise and for that expertise to be shared with the community

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Collaborate in the open

“We went through a big agent update exercise in 2018 to get accurate licensing data around containerized apps, and it was not fun. Groundskeeper is a huge win for us. Say one team creates some really cool dashboards around a particular application, and later on, a different team runs into the same kinds of problems for another application. We want to easily iterate on those dashboards and programmatically replicate them to any other team.”

“When it comes to solving or analyzing problems, you only need to consult one single place. With programmability, a software engineer has this huge playground to play around with and create dashboards that are interesting to them, but also be able to identify key business requirements.”

“To allow us to identify problems impacting our customer experience faster, I built an app in New Relic One, which I call Twitter Alerts. The Twitter Alerts app gives us maximum control over how the data is visualized, including using responsive design for mobile viewing.”

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