New Relic Alerts

Stay out of the war room

We’ve reimagined alerting for New Relic products so you can resolve issues faster and with less noise before they turn into a fire drill. Set up policies easily on the metrics you care about most.


Get full stack alerting

With our all-new alerting capabilities, you get a single tool to manage alerting policies for the New Relic Digital Intelligence suite, including third party integrations.

Learn more about best practices for setting up alerts

Key transaction critical

Login service warning

memory % high

CPU > 66%

Facebook API Warning

Service endpoint not responding

JS Errors Critical AJAX Response Time warning

Plays nice with others

New Relic Alerts integrates easily with team software like PagerDuty, Campfire, HipChat, Slack—and more—so you can immediately let the right people know when critical issues arise. Or, use webhooks to integrate with virtually any software.

Learn to manage notification channels

Campfire logo HipChat logo OpsGenie logo slack logo VictorOps logo pagerduty logo (x)matters logo

Reduce alert fatigue

When you're scrambling to fix a problem, nothing's more frustrating than being alerted about the same error again and again.

With configurable incident rollups and prioritized search terms that are monitored and tracked, team members can get the alerts they need faster, and achieve lower response times.

Learn to configure incident rollups

Get broader, deeper insights and solve problems faster

Catch problems before they reach your end user. With New Relic Alerts, you receive notifications when leading performance indicators spike or drop. Alerts can keep you aware of issues that go beyond the server with complex application and real user data integration.

Validate your deployment.

Receive metrics for the most important applications.

Single pane of glass management.

Catch problems faster with a
single integrated solution

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