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Great software is built and run by data nerds

And data nerds use New Relic. Our platform lets you geek out on tons of in-depth info—from your application performance to your customer experience to your business as a whole. Are you ready to join the data nerd movement?


Data helps us improve customer service.

Mikkel Svane, CEO

Data helps our users live healthy lives.

Albert Lee and Mike Lee, Co-Founders

Data helps us cure more kids.

Joel Worrall, CTO

Data helps us make messaging more fun.

Guy Fighel, Director of Engineering


Life’s too short for bad software. We live by this mantra and endeavor to make it easy for you to understand and improve the relationships between your applications, your customers, and your business. Don’t take our word for it—our customers let us know all the time.

David Hurley @dbhurley
If you don’t use @newrelic you’re doing it wrong. Absolutely amazing service and incredibly fast to setup. APM is fantastic software.
@dbhurley avatar
Duran Goodyear @alphex
Having access to @newrelic is making me excited in ways I should not be. #Grapheverything
@alphex avatar
Martin Ferretti @geekvine
@newrelic I love you... don't tell my wife
@geekvine avatar

Because we are pure SaaS,
you can deploy easily and start seeing data fast

No hardware
to buy

Seamless product

Scale dynamically
as your needs grow

No system
to maintain

Collect data from
anywhere in minutes

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Think of our analytics engine as an awesomely clever member of your team. It works tirelessly, revealing truths about every part of your software nearly instantaneously—from the performance of your applications to the experiences of your customers to how all of it impacts your bottom line. Impressive.

Are power users engaging with the new feature?

Customer Experience Data

How many customers upgraded last week?

Business Data

Were top accounts affected by that outage?

Application Data


New Relic makes it possible to trust the cloud with your business data. Our security program—people, process, and privacy—is designed to protect your sensitive information.


A dedicated team of security experts.


Our protocols are transparent, documented, and verified.


You have complete control over what is sent to New Relic.

Learn more about our security program.

Analyze your software. Awesome-ize your business.

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