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Actionable business data creates data-driven organizations. New Relic focuses on getting real-time data to every decision maker, in every department. Using auto-instrumentation, we collect billions of metrics and events, store them in our super-cluster and make it easy for you to create ad-hoc queries in milliseconds.

Analytics is only real if you can access your data.

It’s clear that data gives organizations a competitive edge. The challenge is in gathering the data, storing it, and then pulling the data in a way that makes sense for what’s needed in the moment. Historically, analytics has been complex, costly, and time-intensive. And yet, the amount of data is growing exponentially. Businesses are now operating and engaging with customers directly through software, and software holds critical data for business success.

New Relic makes data-driven possible.

Modern software applications inherently contain data about customer engagement, business success, and even about the health of the software itself. New Relic:

  • Gives you real-time data. You get answers as fast as you can ask the questions.
  • Opens up data intelligence to anyone in your organization, with a beautiful user experience that makes it easy to query and understand data.
  • Scales easily and cost effectively, allowing you to add custom attributes to make your data more relevant and powerful.


Become a data hero.

As a developer, we know how much you dislike ad-hoc data requests given the huge amount of time it takes to execute these requests. Business owners often make time-sensitive requests without understanding the complexities of your data infrastructure.

New Relic gives you the power to make ad-hoc queries to increasingly complex questions, and share this information across your organization. To this end we have one of our key products, New Relic Insights.

With New Relic Insights:

  • Immediately start asking questions with the SQL-flavored New Relic Query Language (NRQL). Our auto-complete feature lets you explore without needing to be a database guru.
  • Access vast amounts of data in real-time, without latency, from our cloud-based supercluster.
  • Add custom attributes to tailor your data sets to what’s important for your business.
  • Be efficient with access to a single source-point to collect, store and present the data with no integrators or connectors.

IT / Ops

Making data more accessible.

IT teams are often called in to provide infrastructure support for critical data requests, which take days to execute and consume a significant amount of IT resources. New Relic understands the challenges involved in this, and we have designed New Relic to make collective valuable business data simple and cost-effective.

New Relic Insights uses intelligent agents that collect data in real-time, making it easier to query at the same speed (real-time). We then store the data in our super-cluster, and give you a beautiful user experience to easily slice and dice the data.

  • Take advantage of a fast and highly scalable database, built to support your big data.
  • Forget about indexing—your teams can now get answers instantly, no matter what is asked or how it is asked.
  • Enable your teams to quickly and efficiently provide support for business critical data requests.

Business Leader

Making a data-driven reality.

Your business today depends on the ability to get answers to critical business questions like "How long do items stay in a user’s cart prior to purchase?", "What are the demographics for people who have searched for product 'X'?", "Which users have had a bad experience?", and so on. Answers to questions about your software are critical to running effective marketing campaigns and innovating on features that are actively used by your customers.

New Relic Insights lets you make informed decisions based on real-time data:

  • Ask vital questions and instantly retrieve actionable data regardless of technical expertise.
  • Empower teams to be proactive and spotlight opportunities. Create dashboards that engage your salesforce through the entire buying cycle.
  • Analyze feature changes with complex questions about your software and customers.

Free access to New Relic. Forever.

Monitoring your stack should never include host-based guessing games or hidden costs—just simple pricing with no surprises.

Customers trust New Relic.

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