Production Monitoring

A modern solution for high-performing, stable software.

A perfect blend of deep dive diagnostics and diverse monitoring capabilities for today’s complex application environments, New Relic helps modern software teams deliver high performing, stable software in production.


The modern production software challenge.

Modern software applications and services have evolved to become more sophisticated. Their architectures are highly distributed, service-oriented, polyglot and scale across public and private clouds. By their very nature, they have become increasingly complex to manage and monitor.

The business now requires IT operations, software development, and business stakeholders to be fully integrated. Cross-functional teams must be agile and be able to easily share information—they must communicate and collaborate using a common platform.

New Relic is built for today’s production software.

New Relic was built to help cross functional teams tackle the challenge of monitoring complex production software. Our SaaS platform approach means we keep pace with the changing needs of production software teams, moving quickly to roll out new features and enhancements to our product suite. We hyper-focus on delivering robust and secure monitoring solutions so your team can work on what matters, keeping your software fast, stable and secure.

Effective teams use New Relic to:

  • Deliver fast, stable and secure production software
  • Get integrated visibility into software and business performance
  • Pro-actively pinpoint root cause production problems anywhere in the stack
  • Trace problems down to the line of code
  • Monitor across devices, browsers, applications, and infrastructure


Focus on the work that matters.

As application environments change to meet the needs of production software, there is a large responsibility placed on development teams to ensure those changes do not impact end-user experiences. There is an inherent need for constant and clear visibility into the end-to-end performance of production applications where continuous monitoring and management is painless.

New Relic offers the perfect blend of deep dive diagnostics and the ability to monitor diverse and unique environments so developers can focus on doing effective and meaningful work.

  • Gain visibility into application response times and the impact on end-user satisfaction levels.
  • Pinpoint performance issues at the root cause by drilling into slow transactions, traces and performance issues across distributed applications.
  • Get code-level diagnostics with visibility down to the SQL statements.
  • Identify service-oriented architectures issues across multiple application tiers.
  • Get deep performance visibility of your application stack from the front to back with browser performance metrics, application response times, transaction traces, server usage metrics and performance data for the supporting technologies.
  • Break down communication barriers between disparate teams using one intuitive dashboard, internal notes and integrated alert policies.

IT / Ops

Production monitoring for modern software.

The environments that make up today's web applications are complex and production monitoring goes beyond downtimes and slow response times. Application stacks are unique and complicated, and visibility into the many different components can be vague or non-existent. Operations teams require visibility into these components while minimizing the number of tools required to do so.

New Relic provides deep insight, in one dashboard, into key metrics that are needed to provide constant application stability.

  • Monitor database response times, throughput to CPU, Memory and Disk IO metrics.
  • Monitor the most critical areas of application stability in one easy to use dashboard – share potential performance issues with your team in seconds.
  • Gain a holistic view of application’s overall health by monitoring database, network, server performance alongside core application performance metrics.
  • Use the open and extensible New Relic Platform to gain visibility into additional key areas such as Networks, Caching Layers, Load Balancers, and more. Additionally you can quickly and easily build your own integrations to monitor components specific to your stack.

Business Leader

It’s the Age of the Customer®, are you ready?

In the Age of the Customer®, there is no tolerance for slow performance, broken functionality or downtime. Whether your business has hundreds or millions of customers – the expectation never sways. Anything less than a fast and reliable experience equates to a lost opportunity, whether that be in the form of lost revenue or a negative brand experience.

New Relic provides your team with the essential tools, from one provider, to collaborate, solve problems faster and continue to push out new and innovate products.

  • Understand user-satisfaction levels and feel confident they are receiving a satisfactory experience with our Apdex Score KPI.
  • Quickly identify how fast your application response times are, and compare with industry standards – pinpoint which areas can be tuned to enhance transactions such as checkout, login or shopping cart.
  • Collaborate with relevant teams to identify areas of improvement to ensure customer satisfaction levels continue to improve and customer loyalty remains strong.

*Age of the Customer® is a registered trademark of Forrester Research, Inc.

"Just being able to pop open that dashboard and see what's going on with our site immediately, puts me at a ten in terms of my passion about New Relic and our need for this service."

Sam Parnell, CTO at Bleacher Report
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