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Optimize Your Modern Cloud Environment

Whether you were “born in the cloud” or have recently migrated on-premise applications to the cloud, you likely still have plenty of work to do to optimize your modern cloud environment. New Relic’s flexible and scalable platform helps you manage, troubleshoot, and optimize distributed systems with ease. From overall system health metrics down to individual distributed traces, we give you real-time insights across every aspect of your dynamic environment. Leverage modern cloud tools with confidence and stability to push your business forward, faster.

Three core capabilities for success

  • Adopt easily. Get the visibility and data-driven insights your teams need to make smart architecture decisions, from deciding which services to adopt to understanding how to break down your monolith into microservices.
  • Experiment confidently. Deploy new features and fixes and get fast feedback so you can find errors in your complex, distributed environment before your customers do.
  • Scale better. Leverage the contextual data required to automate and grow your services efficiently across your entire stack, from the hosts that support your applications to the individual customer experiences they enable.

Adopt new technologies easily

Adopt new services (like AWS Lambda) and architectures (like microservices) by leveraging the visibility and data-driven insights your teams need to make the right decisions.  

  • Establish objectives and baselines. Establish Service Level Objectives (SLOs) to support cross-team collaboration by codifying team goals in ways that stakeholders can measure and share.
  • Adopt cloud services. Monitor, query, and alert on usage metrics for cloud services allowing for faster deployments, seamless ability to adopt new services, and a continuously optimized infrastructure.
  • Migrate to microservices. Identify the application components that can be decomposed into microservices to achieve better performance, availability, and agility of your application.
new relic dashboard example

Promote a culture of experimentation

To maximize the value of your complex, distributed systems, your teams must rethink how they work together. This includes using proactive alerting and incident orchestration, clear measurements for your deploys, and insightful analysis.

  • Use proactive alerting to align teams, tools, and processes for incident response. Well-defined alerts help you understand the health of your systems so you can respond to performance problems before they affect your customers.
  • Use tracking metrics to assess impacts before, during, and after deployments. Give your teams full visibility to measure the impact of every scheduled, blue/green, or canary deploy.
  • Analyze and improve the observability of distributed systems. Help disparate teams translate data into insights, collaborate around a common framework to build context, and quickly optimize and troubleshoot complex, distributed systems.
distributed tracing example

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Scale effectively

Leverage contextual data to optimize distributed, containerized environments and continue to enhance end-user experiences, improve reliability, and justify costs as your organization grows and your systems dynamically scale.

  • Manage your containerized environment. Modern applications and the hosts that support them are increasingly ephemeral, creating the need for contextual visibility into how containers, application code, and supporting infrastructure interconnect to deliver your end-user experience.
  • Track experience indicators to improve customer loyalty. Identify and monitor key indicators of your digital customer experience and clarify the effects of application and infrastructure performance on business goals.
  • Optimize cloud architecture and spend for continuous improvement. Regularly optimize how you architect and utilize your applications and services: right-size your instances, fine-tune your databases, and more readily predict and justify your costs.
kubernetes cluster explorer diagram

“Thanks to New Relic’s elegant integrations with AWS, we’ve been able to set up alerting based on New Relic data and build dashboards through New Relic Insights to get a clear view into Lambda performance.”

—Marcus Irven, Lead Architect for Mobile and Emerging Platforms, Scripps Networks

Why New Relic

The New Relic platform helps you deliver new value to customers quickly and resolve issues affecting customers earlier and faster.

  • See every change. Full-stack visibility to measure real-time impact of changes in every layer of your app.
  • Get everyone on the same page. Unified dashboards keep diverse teams aligned through shared data.
  • Move faster with confidence. Real-time performance insight from deployments and config changes.

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