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New Relic for Hybrid Cloud

One tool for software analytics across your technology stack.

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If you currently use an on-premise tool to monitor on-premise applications or a cloud-based tool to monitor cloud-based applications, what do you do in a hybrid environment? You could end up with multiple tools that don’t talk to each other, doubling the configuration effort, the number of metrics to track, and the cognitive load on your engineers and operations staff.

Delivering real-time insight into application performance, customer experience, and business success, the New Relic platform gives you one clear picture of your software and simplifies the complexity of monitoring a hybrid cloud infrastructure. And because it’s a pure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, New Relic lets you scale and improve your applications without worrying about your monitoring solution keeping up.


Identify and resolve issues quickly

It’s 2 a.m. and your pager goes off. You need to figure out what’s going on with your application, and fast. With New Relic you can pinpoint what’s happening and where, even if part of your application is in the cloud and other parts are on-premise.

  • Use full stack alerting on the most important metrics to resolve issues faster.


  • Drill down into the finest-grained transaction-level details, from slowest individual HTTP requests to database queries.


  • Assess the health of your applications with visibility into current error traces and long-term error rate trends.


Resolve Issues

Prove success when migrating applications

New Relic gives you 100% visibility for every step of your cloud journey and an easy way to demonstrate the success of migrated applications.

  • Generate baseline performance data and make necessary changes to ensure a successful switchover.
  • Use alerts, error analytics, and stack trace drill down to identify and fix problems during migration.
  • Identify changes made in your cloud environment that can negatively impact application performance.
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Simplify understanding of complex applications

With the cloud, it’s easier to take advantage of newer, more dynamic architectures such as microservices. But with more moving parts to keep track of, you’ll need a way to see all the interconnections and dependencies. New Relic gives you a visual, customizable view of your application architecture, including connections and dependencies, databases, and external services.

  • Understand how apps/services connect and talk to each other using Service Maps.
  • Follow the performance of critical transactions across your entire service-oriented application environment.
  • Quickly see the current health and operational state of your hybrid environment.

Gain visibility into third-party services

With New Relic, you get a powerful and open ecosystem of plugins to your entire stack, including third-party services and cloud infrastructure components such as Amazon RDS, Amazon Elastic Load Balancer, Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure SQL, and more. Choose from more than 100 free plugins, or easily build your own.

  • Integrate key cloud tools (such as Amazon CloudWatch) to gain better visibility into performance across the services your applications use.
  • Accelerate problem diagnosis by correlating application performance with the performance of third-party services.
Third Party

Use New Relic with your preferred cloud vendors and tools

Sidebar of third parties including AWS, Windows Azure, Puppet Labs, Jenkins,Chef, Jira