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New Relic and Amazon Web Services

For those companies whose technology environment spans on-premises, hybrid, and the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, you can get in-depth, real-time insights across the breadth and depth of your environment with the New Relic One observability platform.

New Relic One makes it both easy and affordable to instrument everything— applications, servers, and services—and collect critical telemetry data in one place so every engineer responsible for building, deploying, and operating software has the data, insights, and answers they need to do their jobs.

Together, New Relic and AWS have a deep understanding of the AWS cloud strategy, approach, best practices, and processes.

Whether you are new to AWS or a cloud native, our collaboration will provide the observability needed to accelerate migration to AWS or monitor your cloud-native AWS environment and applications.



A roadmap for AWS cloud adoption

New Relic’s Cloud Observability Framework—a road map which helps companies achieve success at every stage of cloud adoption—provides prescriptive services and outcomes for every phase and substeps of a cloud journey. With the Cloud Observability Framework, you can:

  • Deliver repeatable processes to help your teams build skills and best practices.
  • Jumpstart your Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) which, in turn, creates business agility to drive innovation and opportunity in the cloud.
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Build software faster and better

In addition, New Relic supports customers’ adoption of modern AWS services and delivers deep visibility for customers using Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) and AWS Lambda through our Kubernetes cluster explorer and our New Relic One Serverless offering. Other New Relic and AWS integrations include:

  • AWS Lambda Extensions that substantially ease your ability to send telemetry data from AWS Lambda to New Relic One.
  • AWS Control Tower, which automatically integrates New Relic One for both single or multi-account environments.
  • AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry, which uses available exporters for Java, Go, .NET, and the OpenTelemetry Collector to send telemetry data from your AWS services to New Relic One.
  • AWS Kinesis Data Firehouse for Logs, which ingests data directly from Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose and expands the insights New Relic One provides.
  • AWS Bottlerocket, for which New Relic One provides full visibility into workloads and infrastructure, including Amazon EKS and Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS).
  • AWS Outposts, for which New Relic One offers complete visibility into AWS compute, storage, database, and other AWS services.

Pillars of the AWS and New Relic relationship

AWS and New Relic together are committed to delivering an excellent customer experience. The pillars of this commitment are:

  • Easy to discover, purchase, and pay: AWS customers can now choose to purchase New Relic One from the AWS Marketplace or directly from New Relic, providing access to both the New Relic One free tier and the pay-as-you-go models. Customers using the AWS Private Marketplace can draw down from their AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) agreement, which simplifies purchase and billing. As always, you can also purchase New Relic One from preferred systems integrators or resellers.
  • Easy to deploy: New Relic One is automatically installed for instances deployed on AWS single or multi-account environments enrolled in AWS Control Tower.
  • Simple to adopt: AWS customers can now easily adopt New Relic One to monitor the health and performance of applications in AWS, and immediately start sending data to New Relic One.
  • FedRAMP authorization compliance: New Relic has FedRAMP authorization at a moderate impact level, allowing organizations in the public sector and other regulated industries to rapidly adopt SaaS solutions for mission-enabling, secure, and cost-effective cloud-based IT.

As an active participant in the AWS Partner Network (APN), New Relic also participates in these programs:

  • Public Sector: New Relic participates in the AWS Public Sector Partner (PSP) Program, which recognizes APN partners with solutions and experience in delivering government, education, and nonprofit customer missions around the world.
  • AWS Competencies: As a part of the AWS Competency Program, New Relic has been vetted, validated, and verified against a high bar and has showcased customer success in each competency area, which include containers, DevOps, government, migration, mobile, and retail.

Through the strength of this AWS relationship, New Relic One will help you make better business decisions, innovate faster, and strengthen your customer experience while running your business on AWS.