AWS & New Relic: より強力な組み合わせ

AWSを使い始めたばかりでも、クラウドネイティブでも、New Relicはクラウドでの成功に不可欠なエンドツーエンドのオブザーバビリティを提供します。New Relicは全てのメトリクス、イベント、ログ、トレースに一元化されたプラットフォームを使用し、ネットワークパフォーマンスを含むAWS環境全体の可視化、分析、トラブルシューティングを行う機能を提供します。


CodeStream: Put observability in its place—the IDE

For developers, New Relic CodeStream streamlines your workflow by bringing collaboration tools and performance data into the IDE. CodeStream makes it easier to resolve production errors, streamline code collaboration and review, and improve software performance at every development stage.

Pixie: Instant, no-code, full-stack observability

With Pixie, you can see everything happening across your AWS environment in real-time without spending weeks or quarters deploying instrumentation. Understand intra-cluster communications to identify performance problems across services, and eliminate vulnerabilities (discover your unknown ‘unknowns’) by seeing everything in your clusters, from network to infrastructure to services. With code-based observability, you can even automate workflows via APIs.

Spotlight: What’s new from New Relic for AWS

New RelicでのAWSクラウド導入

New Relicを使用したAWSへの移行

当社のCloud Observability FrameworkはAmazonのWell-Architected Frameworkと連携して、AWSクラウド導入への全ての段階でのアプローチとロードマップを提供します。

New Relicは Amazon EKSやAWS Lambdaなどのテクノロジー機能、DevOpsなどの戦略的イニシアチブ、またはコスト最適化で成功を加速するための詳細な「方法」をアクセラレーターに提供します。当社のAWSページ用のリソースでそれらを確認してください。

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“Migrating different geographic zones to AWS would have been a nightmare if we’d had to manually dig through logs and various data sources…... With New Relic, it’s been easy…” 

Yang Tang, Global Director of Engineering, AB InBev

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New Relic Instant Observability to speed success with AWS

New Relic Instant Observability equips you with integrations, dashboards, and other observability building blocks for faster productivity on the AWS Cloud. Our growing list of integrations with AWS services can be accessed via New Relic Instant Observability (I/O).

Using the AWS-related quickstarts in New Relic I/O makes it faster to instrument, monitor, and analyze your AWS technology stack by avoiding the burden of manual setup. Quickstarts consist of pre-built bundles of dashboards, alert configurations, and guides, ready for you to install in just a few clicks.

Amazon Web Services Advanced Technology Partner

New RelicはAPN Advanced Technology Partnerです。デジタルカスタマーエクスペリエンス(DCX)、マイグレーションとモダナイゼーション、モバイル、DevOps、コンテナ、リテール、政府系専門ソリューション分野でのAWSコンピテンシーの技術熟練度と顧客成功事例が既に実証されています。

New Relicは、Amazon EKS Anywhere、Amazon ECS Anywhere、AWS Graviton2、AWS Fargate on Graviton2、AWS Lambda、Amazon Relational Database Service(Amazon RDS)、Amazon Linux 2、およびAWS Outpostに対応したAWSサービスです。

New RelicはFedRampの認定を受けており、HIPAAに準拠しています。


Helping Builders Build

AWS Activate + New Relic for Startups

For startups participating in the AWS Activate program, you can take advantage of our New Relic for Startups program. The program gives you access to the New Relic platform so you can quickly debug as you develop and deliver with confidence.

Think big, spend small, build faster with AWS Activate through New Relic.

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