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New Relic and AWS Control Tower: Streamlined Observability

When knowledge is power, observability is key

AWS customers are using AWS Control Tower for setup and governance of their multi-account environments. However,  these environments lack the capability to provide centralized operational insights into applications and infrastructure spanning multiple accounts.

New Relic’s integration with AWS Control Tower provides this capability using New Relic’s AWS integration and makes the setup seamless for you, so you don’t have to spend time setting up the integration every time a new account is provisioned. You can even use the integration while taking advantage of our perpetual free tier AWS Marketplace listing. New Relic’s AWS Control Tower integration is also listed in Solutions for AWS Control Tower in AWS Marketplace for your convenience. If you’re using the AWS Private Marketplace, you can use your AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) agreement, which simplifies purchase and billing.

The integration is open source, and the code is available in New Relic's GitHub repository. It’s an opportunity for your DevOps and site reliability engineers (SREs) to collaborate and customize the solution to suit your needs.

Fully deployed AWS Control Tower is a prerequisite for the integration. This integration uses AWS CloudFormation for its deployment; it includes two AWS CloudFormation templates that you deploy to your AWS Control Tower management account, using the AWS Management Console or the AWS CLI. The deployment is described in detail in the Implementation Guide document referenced in New Relic’s AWS Control Tower solution on AWS Marketplace.

Chart showing AWS Control Tower integration

Automation doesn’t mean visibility

AWS recommends using a multi-account strategy as it can improve security and compliance needs while providing the ability to isolate resources more effectively. With a fully deployed AWS Control Tower, users create a landing zone that automates many of the best practices for account security and compliance.

However, automated doesn’t mean visible. When your teams are as large and as diverse as your AWS infrastructure, keeping track of everything becomes a challenge. Your teams may still face challenges related to:

  • Managing multiple teams or accounts seamlessly: Seamless management is critical for maintaining operational efficiency. From misconfigured accounts to outdated metrics, what you can’t see can hurt you.
  • Governing at scale: Taking advantage of the cloud’s natural scalability requires the ability to govern at scale as well. Optimizing scalability requires visibility.
  • Ensuring compliance: Proving compliance means having evidence ready when needed.
  • Following updated best practices: Best practices change as new information or technology evolves. Keeping all accounts on the same page is harder when they can’t be easily seen.

Operational insights mean operational efficiency

Tools like AWS Control Tower have clear benefits for businesses that require efficiency and agility in their operations. Making the most of a multi-account AWS environment requires comprehensive observability that doesn’t convolute or congest processes—especially when it comes to proving the security, compliance, and/or authenticity of accounts.

New Relic solves that problem with its integrations for AWS Control Tower. Once deployed, New Relic delivers operational insights into your landing zone that:

  • Use curated dashboards for each AWS service integration, with built-in integrations for more than 50 AWS services, including EC2, Serverless Lambda, X-Ray, and Outposts to name a few.
  • Manage all of your operational data in one place so you have observability insights into your AWS multi-account environment.
  • Use dashboards to track, forecast, and optimize the cost and consumption of your AWS services.
  • Set up dynamic alerting that scales with your AWS infrastructure.
  • Use Incident Workflows within New Relic’s Applied Intelligence for enhancing and enriching alert notifications.

Turn your Control Tower into an observation tower with New Relic

AWS Control Tower provides you with the tools to create a multi-account AWS environment that is secure, compliant, and resource-efficient. Using AWS Control Tower is the best practice for clouds with multiple accounts or teams. It allows you to achieve much-needed visibility and operational insights to effectively use this powerful tool while you meet the challenges as you grow and add more accounts or teams.

Keep your team diverse, not your management tools. With New Relic’s seamless integrations, you can monitor and manage all of your AWS accounts from the convenience of a single interface.

Learn more and get access to the New Relic One free tier on the AWS Marketplace.

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