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Open instrumentation

New Relic Metrics and Traces

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Gather all your data in one place

Collect metric and trace data from Open Source, vendor-agnostic tools and display that information alongside all the other systems and services data you’re managing.

Streamline your instrumentation

With all your business-critical observability data in one place, you can reduce the operational burden—and expense—of maintaining other systems for storing, querying, viewing, and alerting on that data. 

Take advantage of built-in instrumentation

By using open and existing standards, instrumentation is more portable and requires much less time to create, install, maintain, and switch. So DevOps teams can focus on what they’ve instrumented and not have to manage the instrumentation alone. 

Embrace simplicity and transparency

Our open protocols, formats, and APIs for ingesting data from any source—such as OpenCensus, Envoy, DropWizard, and Prometheus—are easy to adopt and use. Plus, by using pre-built software packages and libraries your instrumentation will be high quality, less brittle, and resilient to upgrades.


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New Relic Metrics API

Use New Relic’s pre-built exporters and integrations—or ones contributed by third-party developers—to collect, query, and visualize your metric data. The Metrics API sends your metric data for storage in NRDB as dimensional metric data, based on key:value pairs.

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New Relic Traces API

Collect open-source trace data from applications instrumented with Zipkin distributed tracing or our native trace format. You can visualize trace spans from open sources in the context of a larger trace, apply distributed tracing anomaly detection, and receive alerts on the behavior of your traces.

Telemetry SDK: Pre-built data exporters and Integrations

Get up and running quickly with our open-source Telemetry SDK. It's an easy-to-use client-side interface for accepting the metric and trace data you collect, implements New Relic best practices (so you don’t have to), and forwards the data to New Relic via the Metrics API and Traces API.

Exporters Integrations
OpenCensus Prometheus OpenMetrics


New Relic One: Collect and correlate all your data in one place

Data ingest and storage

Manage everything in NRDB (New Relic’s SaaS data platform) as dimensional metric data based on key:value pairs.

Custom visualizations

View, query, and analyze all your trace and metric data with chart builder in New Relic One.

Fine-grained alerting

Get alerted on metrics collected, with the ability to focus in on any of the dimensions through NRQL alerting.

Open observability from any source

Instrument everything and eliminate blind spots with New Relic Metrics and New Relic Traces.

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