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Logging for the modern organization


New Relic Logs 2:05


Limitless log management in the cloud

Remove the barriers of operational costs, infrastructure maintenance, and scaling with a cloud-first log management tool.

  • Cost-effective scaling with no on-host logging clusters

  • No more scaling pains with the complete removal of indexes

  • Log aggregation and management with a familiar user experience

Easy to use, simple to set up

Logging tools have historically been cumbersome with a steep learning curve. That can be extremely frustrating in a crises when log management is used to troubleshoot.

Not anymore. New Relic Logs makes log management simple and straightforward.

  • Features an easy-to-use and familiar UI that rewards experimentation with quick answers

  • Designed for everyday experimentation and implementation for software developers, engineers, DevOps, and IT professionals

Increase ROI with a cloud-based log management tool

Almost-instant search

Unbelievably fast, non-index search results—along with elegant alerts and dashboards.

Scalable and fast

Our limitlessly scalable solution returns queries in milliseconds, not minutes.


Built in the cloud, it’s highly extensible and easy to manage.


Bring all your data together into one view

Spend 20 seconds to watch a high-level view of log management with dashboards to visualize log messages alongside metric, event, and trace data. New Relic Logs empowers you with unified visibility across all your log data and infrastructure events data.

  • Eliminate the feeling of a swivel-chair interface with a unified view of your logs and telemetry data

  • Make informed decisions faster with all your pertinent information in one place

  • Understand the health of your full environment to proactively address problems before they occur

New Relic Logs: Everything in one place :20



Correlate your datasets and drive success

New Relic Logs weaves all your logs and events data into a single, comprehensive view to empower testing and decision making. The co-location of log messages with APM events allows you to easily correlate log data with APM, Infrastructure and error data.

  • Eliminating the context shifting of using multiple tools saves time and confusion

  • Spend less time troubleshooting your applications and more time building and improving them

  • Get hands-on with your data. Easily analyze, visualize, and alert on log data that’s seamlessly correlated with New Relic APM, Infrastructure and error data

New Relic Logs: Digging in deeper :20


Understand your logs in context, without context shifting.

New Relic Logs is a new kind of log monitoring solution. You can strip away the complexities of cumbersome on-prem log management and boost your business results with a cost-effective, cloud-based solution.

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Logs in context without context shifting

Try New Relic Logs and get deeper visibility, near-instant search, and full contextual log information. With complete observability of your application and infrastructure performance data, you can easily correlate with your logs and resolve production incidents fast. 

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