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Use programmability tools and features to quickly ingest, customize and instrument your data to connect observability to your business outcomes.

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Programmability allows skilled teams to extend existing monitoring views to connect system performance to business KPI’s, engagement with customers, and alignment of disparate third-party systems, without having to leave the New Relic One platform. Sometimes, out of the box tools are not enough and engineers and developers want the ability to customize to your own needs.

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Get a more complete understanding of your unique business

Instrument your data

Collect data from any source, using open-source New Relic agents and tailor your data to stakeholder needs through custom instrumentation to show business impact, metrics, and SLOs.

Automate, Orchestrate, and Scripting

Reduce your team’s toil by using Observability as Code to build an observability system that consumes a wide breadth of data and automate configurations across a large organization with distributed teams.

Build custom applications

Manage community applications available in the New Relic One Platform to quickly gain insight into your customer’s needs or build your own customized application to extend the use of the platform.

Open source examples to get you started fast


Open Source Applications


Developer Toolkit


New Relic One CLI


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Start building now

Using our open source examples and toolkit, you can get your own application deployed in under an hour. Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself and see. 


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