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Customize your view.

Build custom user interfaces to connect your observability data from everywhere, including third-party and open source—all in one place. It’s easy to extend New Relic by:

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Automate your workflows.

Quickly integrate observability into automation workflows with the New Relic Developer Toolkit, which has everything you need to get up and running fast:

  • Reduce toil through observability as code. The New Relic Terraform Provider automates observability across a large organization with distributed teams
  • Integrate New Relic into your existing workflow with the New Relic CLI—whether it’s fetching data from your laptop while troubleshooting an issue, or adding New Relic into your CI/CD pipeline
  • Manage New Relic resources from within your Kubernetes configuration with the New Relic Kubernetes Operator
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Man talking in front of bookcase New Relic Open Source

Optimize with Open Source.

New Relic is committed to open standards, open source instrumentation, and the open communities that support them. This includes:

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