Performance monitoring for AWS

Build, migrate, and deploy your applications and infrastructure faster with AWS monitoring from New Relic.

Using New Relic to Monitor AWS (:40)

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From customer to code to containers

When you build on AWS, you still need to be able to understand what’s going on as you deploy and consume those elastic services. From your infrastructure and applications to your end-user experience, New Relic lets you see the context of every change in your cloud environment so you can maintain optimal performance at any scale.

New Relic monitors:

  • Your application and code
  • Your customer experience
  • Transactions across services
  • Infrastructure changes and utilization
  • On-premises components
  • Business results

AWS delivers:

  • Service availability and performance
  • Service innovation
  • Data center provisioning and operation
  • Isolation and security of resources
  • Service maintenance
  • Reporting and billing
Browser and Mobile
Apps and App Microservices
Server OS
Virtual Server Hardware

Intelligently manage your dynamic infrastructure

Thanks to tight integrations with AWS, New Relic Infrastructure gives you an easy way to manage the complexities of your AWS environment—including EC2, Lambda, and Kubernetes deployments. And our Applied Intelligence services find meaning in your data to help you optimize your AWS usage and costs.

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Browser and Mobile
Apps and App Microservices
Server OS
Virtual Server Hardware
See every change in your application stack

When everything is constantly changing, New Relic APM can help you monitor and maintain the health of your complex application environments. Key capabilities like distributed tracing make it easy to track a single request through every service and dependency, find root causes, and fix issues quickly.

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Browser and Mobile
App and App Microservices
Server OS
Virtual Server Hardware

AWS Advanced Technology Partner

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The key to successful cloud initiatives is visibility.

Whether they’re planning their migration or leveraging AWS Lambda, thousands of customers rely on New Relic to scale in the cloud.

Static vs. Dynamic Infrastructure (2:55)

How do we enable the collaboration needed for rapid code deploys while minimizing the risk associated with downtime?

Dynamite DevOps

How do we make sure our transition to the cloud maintains SLA commitments for our systems and customers?

Measurable Migrations

How do we manage the growing complexity of our environment to ensure our apps are scalable and available?

Optimizing for Scale and Availability

“When we transitioned to the AWS Cloud, we needed a monitoring tool to make sure that we were getting the most out of those systems. New Relic helped us identify the best infrastructure we could use for the different services that we're building.”

Sam Parnell CTO at Bleacher Report

“New Relic is great for monitoring AWS instances because it lets us know when the servers are overloaded or when they’re not being used heavily enough, so that we can take them away and help save money.”

Will Jordan Software Engineer at

“At TapJoy, we run a lot of servers inside of AWS and we've been able to constantly reduce our infrastructure thanks to the information we're getting from New Relic APM. That's able to save us hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars.”

Weston Jossey Head of Operations at TapJoy

“With New Relic, we can easily view server and browser performance, and identify any performance hot spots within the AWS environment.”

Wilken Rivera Software Engineer at Condé Nast Entertainment

“The benefit of using New Relic with AWS is that you have the flexibility to manage your servers yourself. With New Relic, we can keep a constant eye on making sure our servers stay online and services don't go down.”

Brian Norton Chief Hacker at Shoto

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