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OpenTelemetry metrics 101

Learn metrics concepts and how to choose an instrument in OpenTelemetry.

8 min read

Reese Lee

How to monitor with Prometheus

Learn how Prometheus collects data and how to monitor Prometheus metrics with tools like Grafana and New Relic.

6 min read

Franz Knupfer

What is Prometheus?

Learn about Prometheus, an open source monitoring solution, including which use cases it's best for.

5 min read

Franz Knupfer

Monitor GitLab with OpenTelemetry and New Relic

Monitor GitLab pipelines with New Relic, making it easier to get observability into your CI/CD pipeline health and performance.

10 min read

Diogo Daniel Pacheco

Monitor Elasticsearch with the New Relic Ruby agent

Learn how the New Relic engineering team uses metaprogramming to instrument elasticsearch-ruby—and how to monitor Elasticsearch in your Ruby apps.

5 min read

Hannah Ramadan

Tanna McClure

Managing high cardinality data from Prometheus

Learn how to manage Prometheus cardinality data to get highly detailed data while keeping your data storage costs down.

8 min read

Tyler Clayton

Tail sampling with OpenTelemetry and New Relic

Learn how to use tail sampling with OpenTelemetry and New Relic to better understand how your application is performing.

10 min read

Reese Lee

OpenTelemetry exponential histograms

Learn about the new exponential bucket histograms in OpenTelemetry, how they work, the problem they solve, and how to start using them now.

10 min read

Jack Berg

Feature comparison: New Relic agents and OpenTelemetry

Learn which New Relic observability features are currently available for New Relic agents and OpenTelemetry instrumentation.

2 min read

Ralph Bodenner

The state of Java after Java 17

Read the New Relic report on the state of the Java ecosystem in 2022.

3 min read

Jemiah Sius

Correlate OpenTelemetry traces, metrics, and logs with Kubernetes performance data

Learn how to use New Relic to correlate OpenTelemetry traces, metrics, and logs with Kubernetes performance data.

7 min read

Daniel Kim

Introducing OpenTelemetry observability for Crystal

Learn how to add observability to your Crystal applications with OpenTelemetry and New Relic.

8 min read

Kirk Haines

Congratulations to the 2022 O11y Award winners

Learn about the New Relic customers recognized this year for innovation, impact, leadership, and excellence in observability.

4 min read

Jemiah Sius

Tracing Kafka with OpenTelemetry

Learn how to implement open source distributed tracing in Kafka with OpenTelemetry and the otelsarama library.

10 min read

Daniel Kim

Monitoring CoreDNS with Prometheus and New Relic

Learn how to monitor CoreDNS in your Kubernetes clusters with Prometheus and New Relic.

5 min read

Daniel Kim

Adopting observability with OpenTelemetry

Learn about key considerations when adopting OpenTelemetry as your instrumentation standard.

13 min read

Sandeep Singh Parmar

Monitoring service mesh performance with Istio and New Relic

Learn how to use New Relic and Prometheus to monitor the performance of your Istio service mesh, including your Envoy proxies.

8 min read

Daniel Kim

New Instant Observability integrations for CI/CD, data analytics, and project management

… Relic Instant Observability (I/O) is an open ecosystem of free, pre-built … with popular cloud services, tools, and open standards, leading enterprise … Integrations Observability DevOps Open

5 min read

Louis Leung

Troubleshoot your applications faster with OpenTelemetry and New Relic

Ingest, visualize, and analyze your OpenTelemetry data in New Relic for fast, accurate troubleshooting.

6 min read

Lavanya Chockalingam

A recap of major product updates from the second half of 2021

Read about New Relic’s transformative innovations to troubleshoot and optimize any application and embed observability throughout the entire development lifecycle.

12 min read

Dayna Lord

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