The industry’s first HIPAA-compliant observability platform is now HITRUST-certified. You can use New Relic to monitor application and infrastructure performance of systems containing Protected Health Information (PHI). New Relic is the first cloud-based HIPAA-compliant observability platform for all telemetry data—including metrics, events, logs and distributed traces—across the entire software stack. And now it’s the first to achieve HITRUST certification.

New Relic One empowers IT engineers in healthcare, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, and biotech with a single source of truth, full-stack analysis tools, and applied intelligence capabilities to see and act on all their telemetry data in one placedelivered with an industry leading price. In addition, IT leaders and engineers can be confident knowing they are getting industry-standard security and industry-leading value to enable world-class observability.

Organizations now have the power to monitor PHI to improve the experience of patients, providers, and partners with New Relic now signing Business Associate Agreements. In addition, we expect to receive HITRUST certification later this year.

Put patient security first

If you operate in the healthcare industry, then you’re already familiar with HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996). You might also have experience with the HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF), a regulatory framework that can be mapped to requirements for HIPAA compliance. 

To operate in the healthcare industry on behalf of HIPAA-covered entities, technology providers must build tools, processes, and procedures with the appropriate technical and organizational safeguards governing both the technologies they build and the business policies and procedures around their use.

We’ve been building our products with a focus on data protection and security since day one. Because we’ve been protecting our customers’ data for years, we’ve already implemented many of the necessary technical solutions and internal processes required to enable accounts for HIPAA compliance. This is why we already achieved the US Government’s rigorous FedRAMP Moderate authorization for most of our services.

Achieve HIPAA compliance for all data types (not just logs)

Many SaaS monitoring tools lack HIPAA compliance or offer it only for a single use case or telemetry data type, such as logs. If you have PHI across your entire technology estate, it’s not very helpful if your monitoring is limited to one telemetry data type. You need all of your telemetry data, from any environment, including those that may contain PHI, in one place to be able to deliver more perfect software for your users and their patients. Ensuring the health of your systems helps your customers, providers, and partners ensure the health of patients.

New Relic One is a complete observability platform, one that serves a wide range of healthcare customers’ needs. When you need to troubleshoot problems across your stack, you can rest assured that New Relic’s platform and work flows are designed to support your monitoring and observability needs. For more information about eligible offerings, see Regulatory audits for New Relic services.

With New Relic's HIPAA-compliant observability platform, our engineering teams can confidently resolve incidents faster, while ensuring that sensitive, valuable patient data remains uncompromised—all a tremendous value to our organization.

Protect patient data and improve patient outcomes 

Businesses in the healthcare sector must hold themselves to a unique standard. Not only is patient confidentiality and privacy crucial to providing positive patient outcomes, it is also mandated by federal law, with hefty penalties for those who fail to meet required HIPAA standards. 

But the healthcare industry also shares many technological challenges with other industries. You must migrate from legacy technologies to modern tools while trying to offer solutions and improve experiences for providers, administrators, partners, and the patients they serve. To do so, providers, HMOs, clearinghouses, researchers, and insurance organizations need to instrument their technology systems just like any other industry, so they can detect and resolve performance issues across their entire landscapes. That’s where New Relic comes in.

The New Relic One observability platform enables you to measure the performance of all your infrastructure, applications, and digital experiences, whether on premises or in the cloud, across mobile and web, for all performance-related metrics, events, logs, and traces. If your patient portal is experiencing errors, or your mobile app is crashing, or your employees or partners are unable to access records in a timely manner, you can be alerted immediately. And with one platform to investigate performance issues across your entire technology stack, you can correlate the issues to find the root cause and mitigate the issues quickly before they affect your users or their patients. All of this is delivered with industry-leading pricing as part of the Data Plus pricing option.